Fourth of July Finds

What better way to get geared up for this poppin’ holiday than to share with our followers some Independence Day finds, either from Pinterest or our website. Check them out!

1. Red, White and Blue Fruit Salad

Easy, colorful, and patriotic!

Easy, colorful, and patriotic!

Yum! Who can turn down fresh fruit on a hot, summer day? This fruit salad is colorful, patriotic, and simple to make. Chop up some apples, and mix them with raspberries, (or strawberries), and blueberries! Find directions here.

2. Green 3’s US Map Quilt Tee

Soft, affordable, pre-shrunk: perfect for the weekend!

Soft, affordable, pre-shrunk: perfect for the weekend!

This adorable, 100% organic cotton displays the patchwork across America! With it’s form-flattering cut sewn right here in the USA, you’ll have lots of people wanting to know where you got it. Find it online here.

3. DIY Kid’s Craft: Confetti Launchers

The best Pinterest find for kid's crafts!

The best Pinterest find for kid’s crafts!

We love anything DIY! This easy craft is perfect to keep your kids occupied while you cook or clean up for your get-together with friends and family. All you need is some old toilet paper rolls, decorative paper or markers, balloons, and confetti! You can buy the confetti from the store, or make your own with paper and a hole-puncher in the shape of a star. Learn how they work here.

4. Mini Banana Split

Yummy! Make sure you grab one or two before they're gone!

Yummy! Make sure you grab one or two before they’re gone!

Looking for a fun, small and simple treat to pass around the campfire? Try these! Use a banana to dip in  melted chocolate, that’s blue of course, roll in some sprinkles, top with whipped cream and garnish with a cherry! Simple to eat, simple to grab, simple to make. All your friends will be asking how you made it. You can tell them you found it here.

5. Green 3’s US Flag Throw

36" x 50" -- the perfect length to curl up in!

36″ x 50″ — the perfect length to curl up in!

Curl up under the stars and bright fireworks with this throw from Green 3. Made out of 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton, knit and sewn in the US, and big enough to wrap two people in– or keep it all to yourself! Nothing is more patriotic than a blanket with the American Flag proudly across it! Find it online here.

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Green 3 Contest Time!

That’s right! It’s contest time at Green 3! Have you been looking to win something from us? Are you creative and want to show off your skills? Check out our Create a Caption Contest!

green 3 logo

Are you ready to learn more about this challenge? Read on!

Starting July 6, and going until July 10, you will be creating a funny caption for a photo of Bella. We will share the photo on our Facebook page. What you will do is like our Facebook page, comment on the photo about what you think the caption should be, invite your friends to like the page, then encourage them to like your caption comment! The contest is open to your friends, too, so game on!

The most likes on the comment WINS!

This is NOT the photo for the contest!

This is NOT the photo for the contest!

We will announce winners on July 10 at 3 p.m. CST so don’t miss out on this! Earn a $30 gift certificate for playing along!

National Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Although it’s being recognized across the nation that today is a day to bring your dog to work, we at Green 3 always have Ms. Belladonna at work with us. She definitely enjoys her afternoon naps more than we can, but that’s okay.

Isn't she adorable?

Isn’t she adorable?

Bella keeps us entertained when she gets the zoomies, when she is ready to steal our lunches, or even with her antics of visiting every office in our building. Today, we’re honoring Bella and everyone at the office who has pups.

Stealing your lunch is my daily goal.

Stealing your lunch is my daily goal.

Bella is an Italian Lagotto Romagnolo, a pretty rare breed in the US. Co-founder Sandy researched for dogs that wouldn’t bother her allergies. Bella is a water dog who doesn’t shed, so she was the perfect breed. Jim and Sandy brought Bella home and couldn’t wait to add her to their family! She’s a soft-spoken puppy with a full heart for everyone she meets.

Below are stories about other Green 3 employee’s pups:

Sadie Pearl

Enjoying the grass with a smile

Enjoying the grass with a smile

Ms. Sadie Pearl is an adorable lab puppy who always has a smile on her face. Her human is Missy, our operations manager at Green 3. Unfortunately, Sadie Pearl couldn’t join us today for work, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying her nap elsewhere.

Jaeger and Remmington

Jaeger and Remmington, or Remmy for short. Aren't they just the cutest?

Jaeger and Remmington, or Remmy for short. Aren’t they just the cutest?

These two bundles of joy are like yin and yang- Jaeger is mellow at 8 years old, but Remmington, who is 2 and a half, can play for hours! They love pig ears for their treats and love their cuddle times. They are not at the office today, but are enjoying the beautiful weather! Their human is Deb, a manager for Green 3.


Ms. Kylee went over the Rainbow Bridge in April.

Ms. Kylee went over the Rainbow Bridge in April.

Kylee was a ball of joy and so full of life. She loved being outdoors in the winter and the summer, always digging and getting into trouble. Her human is Katie, Green 3’s social media intern. She went over the Rainbow Bridge to be with her other friends in April. She is missed!

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BellyBallot Baby Naming Green 3 Giveaway!

Wait, giveaway? You bet!

Your little one will be cozy and curled up in our organic cotton junior throw.

Your little one will be cozy and curled up in our organic cotton junior throw.

Been on the hunt for organic cotton baby onesies? Your search is over!

Been on the hunt for organic cotton baby onesies? Your search is over!












BellyBallot, a baby naming site that helps new parents pick out a baby name when they’re torn between multiple options by allowing friends and family to vote, is giving away a Little Lamb Throw and Onesie Set to one lucky winner!

How can you win? Easy!

Sign up for free at BellyBallot, choose your top five names that you just can’t decide over, and invite your friends and family to vote! The one with the most votes on their ballot between July 27-30 will win the green 3 giveaway.

BellyBallot is not just a typical naming site. They not only have names from A to Z, but they also categorize baby names! They have names by popularity by decade, names by ethnicity, biblical names, heroic names and even “bad boy” names!

Have fun while figuring out a name for your precious, little one, and avoid all the stress!

Share your ballots with us on Facebook and Twitter! Good luck!

Green 3’s Three-State Travels

Although green 3 is found all over the United States, our clothing and other home goods first see three states before heading to your stores or homes– Wisconsin, upstate New York, and North Carolina. Today’s blog post is about the things we love about green 3’s three-state journeys.


Obviously, Wisconsin is on this list! The heart of green 3 is located in central Wisconsin in Oshkosh. The brainstorming and big ideas start here. From there, they travel across the state to Hurley and Green Bay, where fabric is cut and sewn. If you’re traveling to Wisconsin, here are a few suggestions for places to visit:

1. Vine & Rushes Winery

Wine lovers unite at this rustic winery located in Ripon, not too far from Oshkosh. Enjoy a relaxing day out by tasting fine wine made right here in the US.

2. The Apostle Islands

Sounds tropical, doesn’t it? It’s the closest thing to tropical northern Wisconsin can get. The Apostle Islands are located in Bayfield and offers sightseeing for 21 different islands over a course of 12 miles. View 8 historic towers, camp on 19 of the islands, and walk, hike, sail around the areas to view the abandoned quarries, old farm sites and historic logging camps.

Upstate New York:

The reason we put emphasis on upstate is that when a lot of people think of fashion or traveling to New York, they automatically think of New York City. Although green 3 loves traveling to see the city lights, we also enjoy nature and peace in upstate New York. In New York, our knits, such as our sweaters, hand warmers, scarves, hats and more, are knit and sewn so beautifully and seamlessly. If you’re visiting New York, check out some of these suggestions for places to visit upstate:

1. Swimming Holes in the Catskills region

That’s right! Skip out on the fancy pools and water parks for nature’s finest swimming pools- lagoons and swimming holes. Hike along trails to get to these and enjoy alluring sites of water falls.

2. Blueberry Picking

Fresh blueberries straight from the Earth in upstate New York. There are 18 fields to enjoy the peace of picking your own fruit from early July to mid-August. Don’t miss out! Not a fan of blueberries? Click here for endless locations for strawberry picking.

North Carolina:

In North Carolina, green 3’s shirts are knitted and fabric is dyed to colors that are tailored just for you. After that process, they are sent to Wisconsin. If you’re in North Carolina, you have to check out these places:

1. Old Salem

Are you a history buff? Enjoy the historic district via walk or horse-drawn carriage over the cobblestone streets. There are four museums to visit and an operating bakery that is one of the nation’s oldest and still makes traditional Moravian cookies. Yummy!

2. Lights, Camera, Action!

North Carolina is known as East Hollywood as numerous TV shows and movies are filmed in local areas. Some examples are The Longest Ride, Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games, Safe Haven, One Tree Hill, and Dirty Dancing. You can visit behind the scenes of these well-known Hollywood hits and even experience a Hunger Games fan tour that teaches archery and survival skills.