Scrap Fabric and Yarn Balloons

A big part of our company goal is to always be aware of things that can be restored or reused to make beautiful quality items. In fact, when we were brainstorming ideas about how to decorate our new storefront, we again put this idea to fruition. We always have a lot of scrap fabric on hand (who’d have thought?) and decided to cut some of it into strips and then wrap around balloons using paper mache.

Scrap Fabric Balloons


Thankfully during the summer we had a high school graduate interning with us. She loves being creative and spent a few days prepping these for display. Aren’t they cool? This display may change with the seasons since we are always looking at new ways to be creative. Here’s another similar idea:

Yarn balloons

You can make these, using yarn, balloons, and a half-glue half-water mixture. Dip the yarn into the mixture and wrap around the balloon. Ever tried this? These yarn balloons I found on Pinterest (originally from here). If you have yet to hear about this website check it out.  There is so much inspiration on their pages. Maybe we’ll tackle the yarn balloons for spring. Have you done any fun projects using paper mache?  Do you love Pinterest or does it send your mind into spirals?

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All About Green 3

Hey there!  We are happy to officially have our new website and blog up and running! This is a great day for our company as we have been working hard to deliver great items to our customers and with our updated website we can continue to maintain that promise! I want to keep you informed on everything that’s happening with our retail store and our company both based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We have some great blog ideas that we hope you’ll enjoy reading and responding to. From recipes to thrift finds, we’ll talk about many subjects near and dear to our hearts.

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