Christmas Skirt

Bags, bags and more bags of gaudy holiday sweaters.  We are very busy cutting them up and crafting them into skirts!


I think this is such a genius idea when it comes to thinking outside of the box and reusing materials. And lets be truthful here, the whole Christmas sweater phenomenon has been turned into a faux pas, only acceptable to wear in public if you are a teacher.  So what do the rest of us do with these sweaters, we search through thrift stores to find the most hideous one and then wear it proudly to a Christmas sweater themed party.

christmas, sweater, holiday, skirt

But Green3 is turning that mindset around.  Yes, we are still searching thrift stores for these sweaters, but we are successfully giving them a breath of fresh air!  Our skirts are a bit of holiday, mixed with seasonal pattern and color.  We use 3-5 Christmas sweaters per skirt. The panels on the skirt are not always from the same sweater and each skirt is unique.

Christmas Sweater Skirt

When the process is complete we are able to reuse about 85% of the sweaters leaving us with very minimal waste! Yeah, us!

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Local News Station Visit

A few weeks ago one of the local news stations, WLUK-Fox 11, came out to our building to write a story on our company.  There was definitely a different buzz in the air, mostly excitement but also a bit of nervous excitement too.  It was a fun morning meeting Rachel Manek and smiling for the camera!  The segment aired this past week, but if you missed it you can catch it here.

tv crew, news, interviewinterview, news, story, camera crew

We received a lot of great feedback after the segment and are thankful that Fox 11 chose to run our story.  Such a fun experience for our company and a great way to let the community know how passionate we are!

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Oshkosh Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk 0shkosh

On November 5th, we had the opportunity to participate in the Downtown Oshkosh Gallery Walk.  The first Saturday of every month, our downtown comes alive with a variety of showcased art. Thirty to fourty downtown businesses participate in the walk each month.  On this particular Saturday, we set up at Limelite Photography Studios to feature some items from our fall and holiday line.

November’s walk was themed  “the progression of art.” and to show how our products have progressed over the years we showcased all of our catalogs. From our very first brochure to our catalog today.  We showed the beginning to end transformation of our holiday sweater skirt and featured some of the original hand drawn artwork used on our organic t-shirts.   We also featured our suite totes and how the parts of a men’s sport jacket are used to create them.

All-in-all the event was a wonderful success!  We had over 100 people walk through!  A great night that we hope to repeat with our spring 2012 line!

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