Make A “Good” Decision

Many times I find myself confused on which products are healthy, planet friendly and right for my family.  With so many choices out there it is hard to know if the things important to me are important to the manufacturer of a product I am purchasing.

Knowing is half the battle and it has just gotten a whole lot easier!  If you haven’t heard of the Good Guide, you are in for a treat today.   The Good Guide is a website designed to help make it easier to purchase items based on what’s most important to you.  Each product on the site is rated using 3 criteria: health, environment and social responsibility.

There is a free app that you can download to your phone so that when you are out shopping all you’ll need to do is scan the barcode to get the rating.   You can also download the Good Guide transparency toolbar.  This toolbar enables you to get ratings while your shopping online and only appears on the toolbar when you are doing so.  And remember its ALL free!

Isn’t this a great tool for being able to make a more informative choice when you shop?  Let me know what you think.



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High-End Fabrics Headed Your Way!

Yes it’s true! A few months ago we made an offer on product from a former retail company based out of Milwaukee called Canvasbacks. We are now the happy and giddy owners of hundreds of beautiful reams of fabric. Many of these fabrics will be introduced into our spring and upcoming fall lines.  Canvasbacks was a high-end women’s retailer that went out of business in 2009.  They were in a position where they had to sell off all of their inventory and we knew it would be a good buy for us.  

reams of fabric, high-end fabric, assorted fabric,

Beautiful and bright fabrics

reams of fabric, italian silk, buy out, fabric, sewing, inventory, fabric material


We headed down to Milwaukee and loaded up two truck loads.  It was a massive job because the inventory was never-ending.  Not only did we acquire amazing fabrics, but also buttons, zippers, liners, hangers, thread, clothing racks, store fixtures, and cutting tables!

reams of fabric, italian silk, buy out, fabric, sewing, inventory, fabric material

high-end fabric, canvasbacks, apparel,reams of fabric, italian silk, buy out, fabric, sewing, inventory, fabric material

Big space filled to the top

reams of fabric, italian silk, buy out, fabric, sewing, inventory, fabric material, canvasback, high-end fabric

reams of fabric, italian silk, buy out, fabric, sewing, inventory, fabric material, canvasback, high-end fabric, zippers



reams of fabric, italian silk, buy out, fabric, sewing, inventory, fabric material, canvasback, high-end fabric, zippers, thread

Bins of thread

We can’t wait for you to see these amazing fabrics in our upcoming collections.  What do you think of our purchase?  Any tips on organizing all of this product?

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Spring Line

I hope that our sneak peak earlier this week got you excited for our new spring line.  Today I’d like to show you a few shots right from the catalog and explain in a bit more detail about these specific pieces.

First we have our long spring skirt.  This skirt was inspired by the ever fashionable maxi that has become an essential for every spring and summer wardrobe.  Playing off of our popular panel skirts we sought out to create a longer version that stayed true to our brand design.  We recently bought out the remaining fabric inventory of a high end USA women’s clothing company that recently closed.  (I will tell you all about it in an upcoming post!)  This skirt is the first item made from some of the beautiful summer weight fabrics.  The fabrics used make this piece the perfect skirt for the season. The skirt is paired with our Rose Tee and the color combination is a beautiful rendering of the colorful blooms of spring.

maxi skirt, spring skirt, long skirtBeautiful summer weight fabrics.

A few of our t-shirts in the line are described simply as this, Power Tee, Perfect Tee, Beautiful Tee, and Change Tee.  Each of these are a white t-shirt with a strong expression cascading across the front.  Empowering women with powerful phrases is what we hope to achieve with these shirts.

Powerful message, strong message, uplifting message, positive message “Never underestimate the power of this woman”

This next item we are excited about because we hope it will evoke a fun and fresh nostalgic feeling in our customers.  We’ve used classic summertime icons with a bright color pallet.  The sunburst and flamingo shirts come in a t-shirt, tank AND long sleeve double-up giving you a variety to choose from.  The flamingo/sun sweater skirt and the dot/stripe sweater skirt have a fun beachy vibe.  The dot/stripe skirt has the same color scheme but without the flamingo/sun icons.

summertime, sunshine, classic summer icons, summersummertime, flamingo, retro, sweater skirt

These items are available for wholesale purchase now and will ship at the end of January.  For our retail customers these items will be available for purchase online and at our store at the end of January. Happy shopping!


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Spring Wholesale Catalog Shoot

Good morning, we wrapped up our spring wholesale catalog shoot and are now ready to give you a sneak peek. A lot of hard work goes into making a catalog. From developing the ideas and the line, coordinating the shoot, shooting and getting everything ready for print, it really takes a team effort to get it into your hands.

For this catalog, we shot at a cute 50’s diner in Princeton, Wisconsin.  If you find yourself passing through Princeton, make sure to stop at Momma’s Diner for one of their delicious strawberry milkshakes!  So good!  We also shot at Hrnaks flower shop in Oshkosh.  Both places were fun, friendly and very accommodating. A BIG thanks to them!  Fun, fresh, flowers and the 50’s seem to sum up our spring photo shoot! Enjoy!

photo shoot, sneak peak, spring, Our art director making sure things are straight.
diner cut out, mama's diner, photo shoot, quirky    Jane and Sandy posing for the camera!
greenhouse photo shoot, peacock double-up, denim panel skirtHaving fun!
long skirt, sunflower t-shirt, springGetting ready for the final shot of the day.
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