High-Fivin’ Our Friends!

Each season, several companies pick up some of our pieces to showcase in their catalogs. Many of these companies have similar visions when it comes to environment, fair trade and fair wages.  Our clothing continues to be a part of the following catalogs and we seriously want to high-five them, hug them, and thank them for their continued support:

catalog friends

That's us on the cover of Acacia and Uncommon Goods!


Acacia provides distinctive, nature-oriented products to enhance customers’ enjoyment of their surroundings, and to improve their appearance and well-being. We cater to customers seeking quality products that focus on physical and spiritual well-being, fitness, and natural decor.

Fair Indigo 

This isn’t just about us. It’s about all of us. We created Fair Indigo with people in mind. A new company wholly committed to changing the way the apparel industry works.The Fair Indigo label was created to make much more than a fashion statement. Our mission is to create high-quality, wearable styles without the exploitation of workers and the environment that too often goes with the territory. With incredibly efficient operations and word-of-mouth advertising, we can keep our prices real too.Solutions

Solutions Catalog is known for “Products that make life easier™”. But, we’re also committed to preserving the health of our environment for our children and future generations.

Uncommon Goods

We’re committed to offering you a creative and exciting merchandise assortment and are working with our suppliers – from artists to small manufacturers – to make their products in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner. Since our founding, we’ve featured products that contain recycled components and have not sold products containing leather, feathers or fur – our goal is to sell no product that harms humans or animals.

Company Kids


What on Earth


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International Women’s Day

Thursday, March 8th is International Women’s Day.  The day marks the many accomplishments women have made, are making and will make. It is also a day to raise awareness of the violence and suffering against women that still goes on worldwide.

Join WoMEn on the Bridge is just one of the great events happening on the 8th. It is “the coming together of women and men around the world, united in taking a stand for PEACE and women’s EQUALITY.”  There are two locations in Wisconsin supporting this movement but there are also many locations across the US and worldwide.

Barstow Street Bridge in Waukesha, Wisconsin  12pm – 12:30pm

Maryland Avenue Footbridge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2:30pm – 3pm

In our own effort to empower and support women, our employees are paid fair wages, have good working conditions and all of our products are made in the US.  We also have a great line of inspirational and empowering t-shirts for women in our spring line.

empowering t-shirt, inspiring t-shirt

"Never underestimate the power of THIS women"

Happy International Women’s Day!

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