Support Your Local Shelter Tees


Several years back in support of local farming and farmers markets, we launched the Support Your Local Farmer tee.  It has remained in our line since that time, and continues to be one of our best sellers.

Roughly one year ago we purchased our first dog, Bella.  Because of Sandy’s serious allergies, she was limited to just a few dogs that would work for her.  As we set out to find our dog, we began watching numerous shelter sites to see if we could find and rescue the exact dog we were looking for.  Unfortunately we never found that dog at a shelter, but in doing the search we learned about the amazing work that animal shelters do.

Sandy was inspired to find a way that we could support our local shelters, and try to help those animals in need, even if we weren’t able to rescue one ourselves.  With that inspiration, the “Support Your Local Shelter” tees were conceived.

Green 3 is donating 10% of the net proceeds from the sales of these items to the Humane Society in Oshkosh  as well as other local independent shelters in our community.  With six styles to choose from – three for women and three for men, our “Local Shelter” tees are perfect for animal lovers everywhere! The shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and environmentally friendly water based dyes and inks. And they are all knit, cut and sewn in the USA.

Men's Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Men’s Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Women's Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Women’s Support Your Local Shelter Tees

We are excited to say that the shirts have been resoundingly embraced by our specialty store customers, and have also been purchased by two national catalogs for their summer mailings.  As we get closer to Fall and the Holidays, we expect the sales on these items to climb.  All of which means we will be able to donate more as the year goes on.

Thank you for your support of Green 3, and of your local shelters!

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Reclaimed Denim Jeans Flag

We previously told you about a really big project we were working on with reclaimed denim pieces: a USA flag made from denim jeans. This flag has become the biggest conversation starter in our company store in Oshkosh, WI. And we wanted our online and out-of-town customers to see how it turned out too!

reclaimed jeans

reclaimed denim jeans flag

reclaimed denim jeans flag

Our USA flag made from reclaimed denim jeans

The flag has been proudly hanging in our store for a few years now and looks amazing at night when you can see it through the store windows. At least one in every ten customers who come into the store want to know the story behind the flag.

We saw a similar flag in a hotel lobby and were inspired by it. We knew that with the skill sets of our team, we could make one ourselves. The flag is approximately 8 feet by 12 feet and weighs about 100 pounds. It is made from approximately 25 pairs of reclaimed denim jeans that were split and then sewn together. After the piece was sewn, it was hand painted with the stars and stripes. After painting, the flag was antiqued by hand with tea, to give it a very vintage look.

reclaimed denim jeans

Reclaimed Denim Jeans, split, sewn, hand-painted, and antiqued with tea

reclaimed denim jeans

Our denim flag is a great symbol of two things that green 3 is passionate about:

  1. products made in the United States
  2. reusing materials that might otherwise end up discarded

What do you think of our completed project? Have you done any projects using reclaimed denim material? We’d love to see them!

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New Spring-Summer Arrivals

Earlier this week we highlighted some of our new spring-summer 2014 women’s apparel. Today we are excited to introduce additional new items from our spring-summer collection. They are all made in the U.S.A. and feature environmentally-responsible fibers, ink and dyes. You can also view all of our spring-summer items here.

Local Shelter Tee Collection

This collection includes six “Local Shelter” tees: three for women and three for men. We will donate 10% of all profits associated with these tees to local animal shelters in our community who bring aid and comfort to animals in need. The USA-made, organic cotton tees feature water based inks and dyes, and are perfect for animal lovers everywhere.





Men’s Organic Tees

Our unisex tees are made from 100% organic cotton and feature environmentally-friendly, water-based dyes and inks. They are pre-shrunk, machine washable and dryable, and of course made in the U.S.A.




Junior Throws and Onesies

Our “Safari” junior throws are made from the same recycled cotton fabric as our sweaters and handwarmers. These adorable throw blankets are 40 x 30 inches, machine washable, dryable, and very soft. We also have “Wild Thing” organic cotton baby onesies to match!





By popular demand we are also now offering four different styles of junior throws with the option of personalization. In the same 40 x 30 size and knit with the same recycled cotton fabric as our other Junior throws, these four designs allow you to personalize with the name of your choice. Each name will be knit directly into the blanket as shown in the images here. Optionally, you can also purchase these throws without personalization.




Heirloom Blankets and Throws

These heirloom quality blankets and pillows are made from reclaimed and excess materials. Each item is unique, sewn by hand and incredibly beautiful. They are part of our Aspiro program that provides job and life skill training for adults with cognitive disabilities. The Woven Blanket is 58” by 58” and features squares of incredible high end woven cloth with a soft jersey back. Both the Woven Blankets and the Woven Pillows come in Spring, Fall, and Random color combinations. The Tee Blanket features squares of super soft jersey material and measures 63” by 63”.





We hope you enjoy our new items! Tell us — which one is your favorite?

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New Spring-Summer Women’s Apparel

Our new spring-summer 2014 arrivals are here! If you’re familiar with green 3, you most likely already know that our products feature organic and recycled fibers and environmentally-friendly, water-based inks and dyes. Our new spring-summer items continue to feature environmentally responsible apparel and accessories. Here are some of our new women’s apparel – perfect for spring and summer:

Women’s Long-Sleeve and Double-Up Tees

Our long-sleeve and double-up spring tees are made from 100% organic cotton and are knit, cut and sewn in the U.S.A. The fit is a form flattering women’s cut; they are incredibly comfortable and pre-shrunk. Our double-up tees give the appearance of the layered look in one easy shirt.






Women’s Short-Sleeve Tees

Our short-sleeve spring “Botanical” tees are also made in the U.S.A. from 100% organic cotton and environmentally friendly water-based dyes and ink. The tees have a form-flattering women’s cut and are pre-shrunk.





Women’s Spring Sweaters

Our spring sweaters are perfect for layering on cool spring days. The spring sweater collection features both our classic recycled cotton /acrylic fabric, as well as undyed, unbleached natural cotton.




Women’s Spring Skirts

Our new LOS (long over short) is long black tulle over a short cotton spandex jersey under skirt. The Gathered Skirt, made from repurposed fabric, features hand tucks and gathers to create this amazing look. Both skirts are machine washabe and dryable – and cut and sewn in the U.S.A.



Watch for another blog post later this week, introducing additional new items from our spring-summer collection. Or if you can’t wait – you can view all our spring-summer items here.

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