2015 Fall/Holiday Boot Cuffs

We at Green 3 have your needs in mind as our dedicated customer. With you in mind, we designed, crafted, and hand-sewed these adorable boot cuffs as the perfect accessory to any boot you own in your closet.

Whether you’re a new or returning customer, we like to share with you how every garment has a story, and today we’re sharing the story of a boot cuff.

What starts as an idea in Oshkosh, Wis., is turned into a reality after a few stops around the nation. Our in-house artist, Alex, collaborates with Sandy Martin, founder of Green 3. Together, they come up with the best layout and design possible to not only lay nicely around your calf, but to also meet your personality needs!

The boot cuffs are sent to Binghamton, N.Y. after the designs are finished. These knits are made from recycled cotton and are made to be machine washed and dried. After that, they are sent back to Wisconsin, where there are finishing touches on sewing in Green Bay at Aspiro, or even at the Green 3 office.

After the final touches are made, Green 3 puts on our new boot cuff tags that make it easier to hang in your shop and provide some background information about what Green 3 is all about. Then, it’s finally into your shops around the nation or even into your homes if you order it from online!

Whether you’re an animal-lover or into more of a plain design, we have you covered. You can even match your boot cuffs with a Green 3 scarf and hand warmer! All three are made from the same soft, warm knits, and of course are made with love.

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