2015 Fall/Holiday Boot Cuffs

We at Green 3 have your needs in mind as our dedicated customer. With you in mind, we designed, crafted, and hand-sewed these adorable boot cuffs as the perfect accessory to any boot you own in your closet.

Whether you’re a new or returning customer, we like to share with you how every garment has a story, and today we’re sharing the story of a boot cuff.

What starts as an idea in Oshkosh, Wis., is turned into a reality after a few stops around the nation. Our in-house artist, Alex, collaborates with Sandy Martin, founder of Green 3. Together, they come up with the best layout and design possible to not only lay nicely around your calf, but to also meet your personality needs!

The boot cuffs are sent to Binghamton, N.Y. after the designs are finished. These knits are made from recycled cotton and are made to be machine washed and dried. After that, they are sent back to Wisconsin, where there are finishing touches on sewing in Green Bay at Aspiro, or even at the Green 3 office.

After the final touches are made, Green 3 puts on our new boot cuff tags that make it easier to hang in your shop and provide some background information about what Green 3 is all about. Then, it’s finally into your shops around the nation or even into your homes if you order it from online!

Whether you’re an animal-lover or into more of a plain design, we have you covered. You can even match your boot cuffs with a Green 3 scarf and hand warmer! All three are made from the same soft, warm knits, and of course are made with love.

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Travel Tuesday- Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Time travel back to the 1950s, cruising down a long highway in an old Ford. Looking off into the distance, you see a dim glow in the sky and know immediately you’re heading right to the infamous Las Vegas Fremont Street.

Photo Courtesy of Gary B. Edstrom. Photo by Edward N. Edstrom | Via In Old Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy of Gary B. Edstrom. Photo by Edward N. Edstrom | Via In Old Las Vegas

Fast forward to today, and that’s where Green 3 is heading for the first time ever August 2, although Jim Martin will be flying. Jim will be showcasing some Green 3 gifts at the Las Vegas Market from the second to the fifth. This beautiful convention center is everything you’d expect from Las Vegas- glamorous, huge and full of lights! All week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on Aug. 6 until 4 p.m., you can find us at the Anne McGilvray & Company showroom at C1090.

Fremont Street is the original “Las Vegas Strip” as it dates back to 1905 when Las Vegas was first founded. Within the strip, visitors could see all the flashing lights, which later named the area “Glitter Gulch.” After the main strip was built in Las Vegas, Fremont Street lost its touch- that is, until the city decided to revamp it up!

Today, visitors can expect even more flashing lights and different attractions that maintain the history. The Las Vegas Market was built in 2005 and offers two shows a year for vendors. The building has a lot of energy and momentum that is attracting more and more buyers.

Although Jim travels to these shows, he still enjoys the tourist attractions everywhere he goes. Celebrating Travel Tuesday, we are looking at some different, fun things to do besides work on, or near, Fremont Street. After all, isn’t that what travel is supposed to be about?

1. The Mob Museum

Take an interactive journey through true stories of the Mob and law enforcement as you take an inside look at events and characters. There are many, multi-sensory exhibits and insights from those within the Mob and those on the law enforcement. From their website, “We bring Mob stories to life so completely, you’ll feel like you’re part of them. But hey- you didn’t hear it from us.” This museum is located two blocks north of Fremont Street on Stewart Ave.

Enjoy a six-minute show for hours into the night with music and lights!

Enjoy a six-minute show for hours into the night with music and lights!

2. Viva Vision Light Show

Bright lights, big city! With Viva Vision, get the experience of both. Stand within the Las Vegas Strip Mall on Fremont and enjoy the bold light shows with music by big bands, like Bon Jovi and Imagine Dragons. The screen above you is 1,500 feet long and 90 feet wide for the ultimate experience. Did we mention it’s free? Almost every night from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.! There’s even a show on Aug. 3, so if you’re looking for some fun after the show, head on over. Viva Vision is located right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

3. Free Spins!

Run out of money, but not luck? Take a free spin outside of Binion’s and Four Queens! Have a chance at winning your $2,500 back.

4. Time Travel

Unfortunately, you won’t be traveling in the Delorean, but you can walk through this historical part of Fremont Street. As you walk down the sidewalk, take a glance down at the bronze “medallions,” which give you tidbits of historical facts about Fremont Street and those who inhabited it when it was first created.

Tip your hat to this Las Vegas cowboy!

Tip your hat to this Las Vegas cowboy!

5. Vegas Vic

This famous cowboy can greet you on Fremont Street! Pose for a photo with him to make memories. This sign stood 40 feet tall in 1951 outside of The Pioneer Club, and became the unofficial welcoming sign of Las Vegas. The Pioneer Club is not longer there, but is a souvenir shop at 25 E Fremont Street, right under this friendly, neon cowboy. You can even visit his partner, Vegas Vicky, right nearby!

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas of things to do around Fremont Street! If you’re attending the show, don’t forget to say hello to Jim at C1090 in the Anne McGilvrey & Company showroom. We look forward to seeing you!

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Throw Back Thursday- EAA

As we sit in the comfort of our air conditioned office, the windows rattle once every few minutes with the buzzing of planes as they come into the airport right outside.

If you’re from Oshkosh, or frequently visit Oshkosh, you may recognize this as what we call EAA, or AirVenture. This nationally recognized event draws people in from all around the nation to see new and old planes, fly around the city, and overall connect with other aviation enthusiasts.

EAA started more than 60 years ago as just a small get-together. Today, it’s known as The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration. The first gathering was in the fall 1953 in Milwaukee. By the late ’60s, the growth of EAA had to move to Oshkosh, and with the help of volunteers, it was made possible for the convention to happen right here in Wisconsin. Today, more than 4,000 people still donate their time to help make EAA possible.

As part of Throw Back Thursday, we want to share with everyone some shirts we made for EAA back in 2013. It’s crazy how time flies!

EAA Shirt

This red, Stearman AV13 shirt was the life of the aviation party as its vibrancy drew in all those who loved planes. Although this shirt has been retired, it’s still something Green 3 takes pride on, especially as it’s made right here in the United States.


Check out the tan, Vintage Map AV13 shirt! We all know those who travel wander far off into the unknown world, exploring every city, town and crevice. The shirt showed the true spirit of EAA. Again, this shirt has been retired.


Lastly, the grey, US Mail Brush Stroke AV13 shirt was for all you die-hard, vintage plane lovers. The design, hand drawn and created right in Oshkosh, showed the true pride of EAA and Oshkosh- the love, the passion, the vintage, the new, the everything, of EAA. This shirt is longer available for sale.

If you have any throw back photos of planes or EAA festivities, please share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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National Junk Food Day

Although it’s National Junk Food Day, Green 3 is focusing on a simple and healthy dinner tonight! Taken from Gimme Some Oven, we found this chicken parmesan baked ziti recipe that only calls for six ingredients. Yep, you read that right- six!

This delicious baked ziti only needs six ingredients!

This delicious baked ziti only needs six ingredients!

Eating pasta may bring you back to your college days where pasta was the easiest, and cheapest, dinner to make. If you’re looking to eat an inexpensive meal that looks and tastes fancy.

In order to make this colorful dish, you will need: 12 ounces of DeLallo penne ziti, or any pasta shape that you are looking to devour; 2 cups shredded, cooked chicken, which is about 2 small chicken breasts; a 25 ounce jar of DeLallo Pomodoro Fresco Tomato-Basil Sauce; one and a half cups of shredded mozzarella cheese; a third-cup of freshly-grated parmesan cheese; and a fourth-cup of packed fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped.

Oh man! Is your mouth watering like ours right now?

Let’s get to cooking!

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. You’ll cook the pasta al dente in well-salted boiling water, probably like your mom or pops used to tell you how to boil water. Drain the pasta, and return it to the stockpot. Add chicken and tomato sauce, and gently toss until the pasta is coated in the savory sauce!

Pour half the pasta in a greased, 11×7-inch or 9×13-inch baking dish. Sprinkle one cup of mozzarella cheese, half the parmesan cheese and half of the basil. Then, you’ll layer the remaining half of the pasta on top of that. Top with the remaining mozzarella cheese.

This is the fun part!

Bake for 20-25 minutes until the cheese is melted and starts to barely turn golden. Remove from the oven and sprinkle immediately with the remaining parmesan cheese and fresh basil. Serve warm and enjoy!

If you make this delectable dish and want to upload it to social media, use the hashtag #gimmesomeoven.

For more amazing recipes, check out her blog, Gimme Some Oven, here!

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Atlanta Gift Show- AmericasMart

If you read our last blog post from a couple weeks ago, you  may remember a couple areas to visit when you’re in Atlanta for the AmericasMart gift show. Well, Jim, co-founder of Green 3, just returned from an astounding show in Atlanta where we can meet with different retailers who are interested in spreading the love on eco and organic fashion.

The view of Atlanta from the hotel!

The view of Atlanta from the hotel!

Although we were located in building two, of four buildings, and room 1319, of 10+ floors, Jim was kept busy for the whole week! Jim set up our area in the early hours of the morning and didn’t take down until late in the night after dinner.

Throughout the show, we met some incredible companies. We shared a space with Ryan Marie, a Gib Carson company, and from there, we showcased our amazing products for the upcoming fall season! See some photos below:

IMG_2251 IMG_2250 IMG_2245

























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