5 Things: The Atlanta Gift Show

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sandy Martin to talk to her about the 2012 Atlanta Gift Show.  The show was held July 11th-18th and was made up of 4000 temporary exhibits like us, as well as 5000 permanent showrooms. All were housed within three, separate multi-level buildings.  Here are 5 things I asked Sandy about the show:

1. How was your show experience this year:

This year the show was a great success.  It was wonderful to see our existing customers again and the customers in general were very friendly, which always make for a more enjoyable experience.   It was nice to see the enthusiasm towards our new line.  Last year, customers were a bit unsure of our knit sweaters but this year they were thrilled to see that the line had been expanded. Customers were also extremely excited about our fall knit tops.

2. What item(s) seemed to receive the best response:

Oh gosh, well, the santa tee (available 9/25) was a hit AGAIN at this show.  For whatever reason “he” just always seems to be a classic icon that people can’t get enough of :-)  The same rings true for our whole sock monkey line, people love it.  As far as a new line item, our dog sit stay handwarmers really won people over.  Customers loved the “sit and stay” expression on the palms.  Before going to a show there are always a few items we are anxious to present and this year it was our EIEIO men’s shirt (available 7/25).  We were pleasantly surprised when we received many positive reactions and that people really understood our humor and our inspiration.

3. How was attendance this year compared to past shows you’ve been to:

Attendance seemed to be down a bit but we were lucky to have had our best sales in our history of attending the show. On a merchandising side of things we heard many comments on how good the product line is this year!  We may try to move our booth next year because there is a USA made section at the show and we feel that our brand would fit best in that area.

4. How was the weather in the south:

HOT, HUMID & MUGGY!!  Before leaving the hotel on the first morning I straightened my normally curly hair.  I didn’t give the weather much thought since I’d be indoors all day. Well, on the 1/2 mile walk over to the show, my hair went from stick, stick straight to uncontrollable super curl!  When I later went into CVS to buy a (sold-out) clipboard, I came back with a straightener instead!  Thankfully the show was very cool and comfortable so my hair remained curl free!

5. What’s your favorite place to eat while visiting Atlanta:

If you are ever in downtown Atlanta I would highly recommend the Peasant Bistro, it was wonderful both in service and food.

Thanks Sandy!

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