A Day in the Life of Alex

At Green 3, every garment has a story. The designs, the colors, the hand-drawn pictures on the garments have an even bigger story.

Green 3’s in-house artist, Alex, has been on our team since July 2013 after he graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He says the opportunity was by coincidence as his aunt used to work at Green 3 also as an in-house artist before they contacted Alex. He started part-time and was asked then to work full-time.

Alex working on spring 2016 designs in his office.

Alex working on spring 2016 designs in his office.

Today, we are honoring all the work he puts into the thoughts behind the garments by looking into a typical day for Alex.

Alex starts his day by booting up his design programs, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. He will log into his email, look for the next movie, science or video game podcast to listen in on, plug in his larger headphones that cover his ears, and get the ball rolling on the next big idea from Green 3.

Green 3’s founders Sandy and Jim Martin will tell Alex what kind of ideas will complete the spring, summer, fall or winter collections. After he gets an idea of what they’re looking for, he will hand-draw the designs using a pad that places the sketches straight onto the computer.

After designs are finalized, Alex will work with the Pantone color wheels to add in bright, beautiful and bold colors for our printed garments. With knit products, like our sweaters, hand warmers and scarves, Alex will work with color swatch books specifically for yarn.

Some days, Alex can finish designs within a few hours. When the designs are more detailed, like a repeating pattern for example, it can take most of the day, or about five to six hours.

As Alex works, he is taking the art work for knits and puts them into grids so the process is faster. Grids are needed with knit garments because the machines will use one grid per stitch to make the graphics accurate.

Cads, or mock shirts, are made up electronically and sent to Jim and Sandy, and Alex will “shelf” the artwork for a while. During this time, Sandy is planning the line and Alex will work on a different project until the art comes back.

When Sandy has the line planned out, Alex will collaborate with her on which colors will work best. He will send the artwork to Green 3’s print shops and knitter and they will send samples back to Green 3.

Although the design of the garments may only take Alex a day or two, he will spend more time working with the details of the graphic. He cooperates with the print shops so that they know the exact measurements to have the perfect fit and look. After he knows measurements, the graphic is printed and pinned onto the shirt for approval from Sandy. The final step is Alex sending the final measurement information to print shops and the knitter.

After the completion of the project, Alex gets started on the next great thing at Green 3! We never stop designing or working to create more fun and individual designs.






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