Back to School

Kids arcross the country are gearing up for back to school and “our kids” are heading back too.  The hard working group below, spent their summer with us at green 3.  We are thrilled that many of them will continue working with us throughout the school year and others plan on returning during their college breaks.

From left to right are Hannah (Oshkosh West), Victoria (UW Eau Claire), Daphne (Oshkosh West), Sarah (UW Oshkosh), and Karch (UW Oshkosh).

All of the ladies pictured, helped out in our processing department by packaging, labeling, and tagging items. Hannah, Victoria, and Sarah also helped out in our sewing department by cutting materials that were to be sewn.  Daphne, helped out on the technical side of things, with our website and our blog.  Victoria, an art student at Eau Claire has had the role of creating this and this in the past, for us.  Karch, is our token warehouse guy, helping with large orders and shipments.  As college and high school students, we asked the girls what their top three, green 3 items would be for back to school and here is what they told us they’ll be wearing this fall:

zipper handwarmers

fox hat

fox shirt

We love having these “kids” around and wish them good luck and good study habits for the new school year.

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