Boys and Girls Club Visit

Last week, we had the opportunity to host a group of kids, from our local Boys and Girls Club, for a program called Kids and Conversation. This program offers club members a chance to visit local businesses and friends of the club, to learn more about what those businesses do, about potential careers, and why those businesses feel it’s important to help kids at the Boys and Girls Club.  Here is a little overview of their experience at green 3.

We had a group of nine students ranging from middle school to seniors in high school.  Our agenda included a tour and overview of green 3, which was followed by a lengthy and enjoyable question and answer session.  The kids asked a variety of really great questions.  From Jim and Sandy’s backgrounds, art and design, being a business owner, imported goods versus made in the USA, where we get inspiration and they even asked if Jim can draw…the answer…nope :)

Our art director, Jane showed the group how to draw on the computer and manipulate the image using different art programs.

Our lead sewer, Tina explained her background, and why she went back to school and got her degree just last year.

We wrapped up the visit by giving each kid a gift bag that included a scarf and hand warmers.  Doing this small thing for these kids was extremely rewarding.  The group exceeded our expectations with their politeness, inquisitiveness and to be completely honest, we cannot wait to do it again!

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  1. Excellent opportunity for youth to learn first hand about business. great job Green 3.

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