the story of a green 3 tee shirt…

Have you ever wondered where a green 3 tee shirt comes from?
How does it come to be a tee shirt?

It’s time for you to find out!

It all begins with an idea, sometimes that idea is just a sketch or description that is turned into a screen printable design by our in house artist, here in Oshkosh, WI

Then comes the production of a tee shirt – we start with 100% organic cotton that is grown in the USA or overseas. Yes, I said overseas, and here’s the scoop on that. The land in which organic crops grow cannot be treated with herbicides or synthetic chemicals for at least 3 years before it is eligible for organic certification. Once approved, the organic crops cannot be treated with fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or any other synthetic chemicals. This being said the demand cannot be met in the USA alone and therefore crops are also grown overseas.

Once the cotton is harvested it is sent to a 100+ year old family owned knitting mill in Minnesota to be knit and rolled into 60+ yard rolls of cloth. From there the cloth is then sent to North Carolina to be dyed into a select variety of colors that we’ve chosen for the current season. Now, it’s time to get to the tee shirt manufacturing! Once the cloth has been dyed and re-rolled it is sent to Hurley, Wisconsin where the various pieces of a tee shirt are cut out and sewn. For a tee shirt there are five pieces and seven for our double-up tees. One more trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin where the original design is screen printed on with water based inks. Once ink is dried and set the tees are then washed – they’re pre-shrunk for you – folded and bagged. The final voyage in production – to our warehouse, less than 5 miles away, stocked and ready to be shipped all around the U.S. and Canada!
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Social Responsibility: The Journey Continues

social responsibilityAs Green 3 enters its eighth year we not only continue to grow our business, but our vision and perspective continues to grow as well. When we launched Green 3 we focused on environmental responsibility, and for that reason our products featured organic and recycled fibers. At that same time we knew we wanted our products to be made in the USA. After 2009, that initiative was intensified as we began to better understand the economic responsibility of keeping and creating jobs here at home. In 2010 we met the fine folks at ASPIRO in Green Bay, WI. In less than thirty minutes of our first tour of the facility, we knew that not only was ASPIRO absolutely the proper partner from a business perspective, but that companies like ours had a responsibility to support this organization’s efforts. They opened our eyes to social responsibility, and from that point forward we began developing products that could benefit those less fortunate than ourselves.

Since that time ASPIRO has become our “go to” partner for any and all types of projects. We consciously develop products that suit their client’s needs, as well as challenge them with projects that any other manufacturer would think twice about. Not once have we been disappointed. We look forward to not only continuing our relationship with ASPIRO, but growing it.

This fall we introduced our Snowflake Tee. Each and every snowflake was hand cut by an ASPIRO artisan. New in our spring/summer collection is our “Love You” tee. This organic cotton tee is adorned with an appliquéd heart that is as unique as each individual you hold in your own heart. Every heart appliqué is cut by hand, is unique, and reflects the creativity of an artisan with a disability who is learning job and life skills at ASPIRO. The garments come with hangtags that feature the artisan’s image and signature (shown below), and a QR code that links you to a video about this amazing program. You can view that video here:



We have had many interesting stops along the way to this particular point, and we look forward to the journey ahead.

To learn about ASPIRO and their amazing mission, you can visit their website at

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Support Your Local Shelter Tees


Several years back in support of local farming and farmers markets, we launched the Support Your Local Farmer tee.  It has remained in our line since that time, and continues to be one of our best sellers.

Roughly one year ago we purchased our first dog, Bella.  Because of Sandy’s serious allergies, she was limited to just a few dogs that would work for her.  As we set out to find our dog, we began watching numerous shelter sites to see if we could find and rescue the exact dog we were looking for.  Unfortunately we never found that dog at a shelter, but in doing the search we learned about the amazing work that animal shelters do.

Sandy was inspired to find a way that we could support our local shelters, and try to help those animals in need, even if we weren’t able to rescue one ourselves.  With that inspiration, the “Support Your Local Shelter” tees were conceived.

Green 3 is donating 10% of the net proceeds from the sales of these items to the Humane Society in Oshkosh  as well as other local independent shelters in our community.  With six styles to choose from – three for women and three for men, our “Local Shelter” tees are perfect for animal lovers everywhere! The shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and environmentally friendly water based dyes and inks. And they are all knit, cut and sewn in the USA.

Men's Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Men’s Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Women's Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Women’s Support Your Local Shelter Tees

We are excited to say that the shirts have been resoundingly embraced by our specialty store customers, and have also been purchased by two national catalogs for their summer mailings.  As we get closer to Fall and the Holidays, we expect the sales on these items to climb.  All of which means we will be able to donate more as the year goes on.

Thank you for your support of Green 3, and of your local shelters!

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Every Garment Tells a Story: Uncommon Goods & Aspiro

If you’ve been following our company over the years, you may have heard us mention a company called Aspiro.  Located in Green Bay, WI (Go Pack Go =) Aspiro provides job and life skill training for individuals with cognitive disabilities.  We have worked with Aspiro on many projects in the past to help assist us with a variety of needs.  However, this newest adventure feels especially good.


The project begins with a t-shirt and a seemingly simple snowflake appliqué, but if you take a closer look you will see that just like in nature this snowflake is incredibly unique.  Each and every snowflake is hand cut by an Aspiro artisan.

Aspiro Hangtag_Cindy

Aspiro Hangtag_Lori

Each one of these artisans are spotlighted on the tag found on the garment. This unique project is in partnership with, green 3, Aspiro and a “little company” known as Uncommon Goods!   Shirts will be available at Uncommon Goods in October.

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AirVenture Oshkosh & green 3

AirVenture Oshkosh (EAA) is known as the “worlds greatest aviation celebration” and for one week each summer Oshkosh hosts more then 500,000 aviation enthusiasts from over 60 countries.   This summer green 3 is getting in on the flight fever.  We have partnered with EAA to design a line of Made in the USA t-shirts.  We are thrilled to be included in this years celebration, it’s a spectacular event that brings, not only immense activity to our city, but to the sky as well. You can order yours through EAA’s shop.


Grey US Mail Brush Stroke AV13 Tshirt


Red Stearman AV13 Tshirt


Tan Vintage Map AV13 Tshirt



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