Every Garment Tells a Story: Organic Valley Bandanas

At Green 3, we take pride in knowing every bit of garment down to the last bit of stitch has a story behind it.

Today, co-founder of Green 3, Jim Martin, is traveling to Hurley, Wis. from Oshkosh to deliver fabric that will be made into bandanas for Wisconsin’s Organic Valley Farms, located in La Farge, Wis. Those bandanas are made not only within the U.S., but in Wisconsin as well, which is a very large goal for us and Organic Valley.

Organic Valley is a company that is organic and farmer-owned since 1988. The company believed in sustainable and natural options for farming, and started growing organic vegetables. Eventually, the demand was large enough that they expanded their product lines to dairy.

The story of the bandana started when Organic Valley contacted us to make bandanas for them, which will then be given out. We take pride in helping and collaborating with other local businesses, so we said yes!

The fabric that needs to be cut came into the shop today, and we are sending it to a company in Hurley called Art Unlimited. Art Unlimited has workers who are highly skilled in apparel manufacturing and have been sewing for more than 25 years. Green 3 loves that the company produces goods within our home state.

The heart is Green 3 in Oshkosh. The upper star is Art Unlimited in Oshkosh, the middle star is Aspiro in Green Bay, and the lower star is Organic Valley in La Farge.

The heart is Green 3 in Oshkosh. The upper star is Art Unlimited in Oshkosh, the middle star is Aspiro in Green Bay, and the lower star is Organic Valley in La Farge.

Today, employees at Art Unlimited will be cutting rolls of fabric. In order to do so, they use a band saw that allows them to slash through the thickness of the cloth. The employees will take the rolls of cloth and unravel them the full length of 55 yards. The fabric will be stacked on top of each other as much as the saw will allow it. Then, a paper outline is placed on top so the employees know where to cut.

After the fabric is cut, it is brought back to Oshkosh for water-based ink printing.

After it’s done printing, the bandanas are sent to Aspiro in Green Bay, Wis. Aspiro is a truly inspirational company, who provides jobs, skill training, independence and pride to cognitive-disabled adults. Green 3 and Aspiro work together with different manufacturing projects. Later this week, employees at Aspiro will add the final touches to the organic cloth bandanas. They will sew around the edges to ensure the bandanas never fray.

After that, the finished bandanas will be delivered to Organic Valley!

What Green 3 absolutely adores about this project is how we are keeping the production within the state. Green 3, Scharpf’s, Art Unlimited, and Aspiro, all Wisconsin companies, are working together to keep apparel and home goods production here in the U.S.

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100 Blankets…Donated

This week, we hosted a private shopping event for a women’s charitable giving group, the G.E.M.S., short for Giving Empowers My Sisters.  This group of women meets once a month to discuss some of the needs within the Oshkosh community.  SInce the birth of their group, they have been able to impact many non-profits with their donations of time and money.  The G.E.M.S hold a special spot in their hearts for women and children and for families who are seeking shelter from violent situations.

G.E.M.S. – Giving Empowers My Sisters

The Christine Ann Abuse Shelter of Oshkosh is the local resource for victims of abuse. They provide services and shelter to many families throughout the year.  Blankets were identified as a shelter need, so during our event,  with every $25 purchase we promised to donate a blanket.  We are beyond thrilled to be sending 100 blankets over to the shelter!

It is moments like these, when community members come together for a purpose, that inspires us to keep moving in a direction that enables us to give back to the Oshkosh community. Thank you GEMS for your commitment to helping women and children in our community and thank you Christine Ann for offering a safe place for those impacted by domestic violence.

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