Photo Shoot & Development

Here at green 3 we are wrapping up our development phase and just waiting on a couple last minute samples – then the fun begins!

This week we started our photo shoot (see preview photos below) for Fall/Holiday! This is an exciting time for us as our artist, Alex, begins to design our new catalog filled with new products! We still have some holiday shots to take in a couple weeks and we’ll be all set to begin proofing followed by printing. Did you know our catalog is printed using soy-based inks on recycled paper?

Once that is done we start getting ready for our trade shows – this year we will take part in Wild Birds Unlimited, Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishing Market, NY NOW & Wisconsin Holiday Market in Kohler Wisconsin (list subject to change).

In between all these trade shows we will move on to spring development and the cycle begins again!

Here are some fun fall accessory images from our photo shoot – which is your favorite?

dog-set fox-set owl-set skunk-set

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What is recycled cotton?

The process starts with pre-consumer textile waste; this ranges from errors during the weaving process to damaged/leftover finished goods – this would all normally be sent to the landfill or incinerated. The material is then ground up and re-spun into yarn. With this process there is no need to re-dye the yarn and it comes in many colors. The yarn can be used create a multitude of new products!

3 environmental benefits to recycled cotton:

  • – Recycled cotton doesn’t require land use (no watering, no new pesticides/fertilizers)
  • – Saves water & pollutants by not re-dying yarn
  • – Incinerator & landfill reduction

Green 3 offers many items in their product line that are made of recycled cotton, including hand warmers, scarves, mittens, hats, throw blankets and sweaters. All of these items are made with 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton and 25% acrylic. They are machine washable/dryable and super soft!

Recycled Cotton

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Green 3 Proudly Introduces 100% Chick!

All of us here at green 3 are really excited to introduce you to our newest initiative: 100% Chick.


The 100% Chick brand is all about fun, individualism, personality, and a zest for life! Each 100% Chick product allows women everywhere to tell the world exactly what type of chick they are. Additionally, it provides great gift ideas for chicks that you know. Although caution is advised, it might be good to be absolutely positive that the recipient agrees with your assessment of them (that will make more sense once you check out the 100% Chick website)!

If you’ve been a fan of green 3 for awhile, you may know that the chicks actually made their debut back in 2008 as part of the green 3 offering. While received well, there was a disconnect between the more thoughtful vibe of green 3, and the irreverent nature of the chicks. It was at that time that we made the decision that we would put the chicks back in the coops, and wait until we had the opportunity to hatch them as their own brand. (How was that for several bad puns in one sentence?! ) Well time flies when you’re having fun, and now several years later the opportunity presented itself to bring the chicks back into the spotlight with their own brand and website. Beyond that, these chicks have their own Facebook page, Pinterest page, and Twitter account. (Would you expect anything less considering that there is a “Computer Chick” among them?)

100% Chick AccessoriesIt’s important to note that 100% Chick is different from green 3 in a few key ways.  Most importantly is the fit of the tees. While green 3 features a more fitted garment, 100% Chick features a more relaxed garment.  We recognize that there are chicks of all sizes and body types, and we wanted to make sure that we had the perfect size for all of them. You will also notice that 100% Chick features fun accessories like coffee mugs and mouse pads. There are many more fun accessories coming, as we think this brand is ideally suited for items like ornaments, water bottles and more.

For our launch there are over 100 chicks to choose from. But I can promise you that we already have ideas for hundreds more! If there is a chick you would like to see, please send us your thoughts at

100 Chick TeesYou also may notice that the tees are 100% cotton, and not 100% organic cotton. Given that the chicks are under the green 3 umbrella you might ask why this is? The answer is pretty simple. Every brand has qualities that make it unique and different. Green 3 was conceived with environmental consciousness at the core of its DNA. That will never change. We felt that to duplicate those core tenants within the 100% Chick brand only served to diminish the individuality of both. With that being said, one core principal of green 3 will be present in 100% Chick, and that is our desire to try and create jobs at home.  With that in mind, the 100% Chick tees are USA made, and they are developed, marketed, packaged and shipped from Oshkosh, WI.

As a final note, we would like to thank all of our loyal fans who have supported green 3 over the years. Without your help and passion, we would not be here today, growing green 3, and launching new initiatives like 100% Chick. If you have a moment, please check out the 100% Chick website at We are aggressively building the 100% Chick Facebook and Pinterest pages; connect with us there and over the next few weeks we think you will see them develop into really fun destinations. You can also subscribe to the 100% Chick newsletter to find out about upcoming sales and promotions – and get the latest scoop from the coop!

Thanks again, and we hope you enjoy 100% Chick as much as we do. If you do like it, please let your friends know. Just tell them to go to  to check out the cutest chicks in America! And in the meantime, let us know: “What kind of Chick are you?

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AirVenture Oshkosh & green 3

AirVenture Oshkosh (EAA) is known as the “worlds greatest aviation celebration” and for one week each summer Oshkosh hosts more then 500,000 aviation enthusiasts from over 60 countries.   This summer green 3 is getting in on the flight fever.  We have partnered with EAA to design a line of Made in the USA t-shirts.  We are thrilled to be included in this years celebration, it’s a spectacular event that brings, not only immense activity to our city, but to the sky as well. You can order yours through EAA’s shop.


Grey US Mail Brush Stroke AV13 Tshirt


Red Stearman AV13 Tshirt


Tan Vintage Map AV13 Tshirt



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Every Garment Tells a Story – Handwarmers

Our handwarmers have a nice little story that begins with a knitting factory in upstate New York.  The facility we use for our American-made knit goods is a fourth generation company that is one of the few facilities of its kind left in the country. They have a lot of old machinery and still do things the way they did 50 years ago.

They knit all of the cloth and then send it here to us in Oshkosh.  We then send it to a large laundering facility nearby to get all of the shrinkage out of the cloth.  The hand warmers actually come in one large knit piece, like a blanket,  and then our staff pulls out the threads that divide each row.

After the rows are divided they go to our sewing facility where they cut them into the width of the handwarmers and do all of the sewing. When the process is complete, we clean them up by looking for loose threads and then they are ready to package and ship.

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