green 3 & Disney

You may have noticed some green 3 products in Epcot in Florida as we recently partnered with Disney. You will find some American & Canadian themed merchandise made by green 3 (sweaters, scarves and handwarmers).  These knit goods are made with 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton and 25% acrylic, designed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and knit in Binghamton, New York, by a family run business. Made in the USA!

Disney has a growing commitment to merchandise American made products. Although not all their manufacturing is done in the USA, they are committed to safe and respectful workplaces. Disney has even made a public list of all the facilities that manufacture Disney-branded products. They want to help spread the word about improving working conditions all over the world.

At green 3 we are very honored to be working with Disney and spreading the word about our environmentally friendly and made in the USA products!

Check out a couple images from Epcot!
Disney green 3 epcot 2014

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Spring Summer 2015 is here!

Even though it may be a winter wonderland here in Wisconsin we’re already thinking Spring & Summer!

The new line is here and full of great designs:

  • Spring: flowers, a bicycle, doily inspired animals adorn short sleeve and our double-up tees for those cool spring days
  • Americana: In addition to our infamous US Flag throw we’ve added 2 sweaters, a tee skirt, a scarf, handwarmers and brought back an old favorite (US Map Quilt Tee)
  • Celebrate: We’ve designed some wonderful tees and accessories for Valentine’s Day & St. Patrick’s Day
  • Banana & Bean: Introducing Banana the Cat & Bean the Dog! Making their début on organic cotton tees, recycled cotton handwarmers, kitchen towels and throw blankets!
  • Cat & Dog Lovers: We’ve made some more additions to this growing line – our customers are crazy about their pets! Four brand-new tee designs join our scarves and handwarmers.
  • Natural Cotton Throw Blankets: These are a couple of beauties! Available in 2 colors, natural or navy, – they will remind you of the high quality throws of the days gone by!

Spring Summer 2015

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Every Garment Tells a Story – Handwarmers

Our handwarmers have a nice little story that begins with a knitting factory in upstate New York.  The facility we use for our American-made knit goods is a fourth generation company that is one of the few facilities of its kind left in the country. They have a lot of old machinery and still do things the way they did 50 years ago.

They knit all of the cloth and then send it here to us in Oshkosh.  We then send it to a large laundering facility nearby to get all of the shrinkage out of the cloth.  The hand warmers actually come in one large knit piece, like a blanket,  and then our staff pulls out the threads that divide each row.

After the rows are divided they go to our sewing facility where they cut them into the width of the handwarmers and do all of the sewing. When the process is complete, we clean them up by looking for loose threads and then they are ready to package and ship.

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