Customized Letterman Sweater

If you’ve received an Uncommon Goods catalog in the past few weeks, you may remember seeing this Customized Letterman Sweater. This item is only available through Uncommon Goods but there are a few other businesses involved (including us).  Like our tagline says “Every Garment Tells a Story”.

This story begins with our original partnership with Ripon Athletic.  A few years ago, through a network of friends, it came to our attention that Ripon Athletic was a bit slower during the fall season (when football season was underway and baseball uniform production was yet to begin). We asked if they’d be interested in helping us sew our sock monkey mittens during that time. They accepted and it really helped both of our companies to have that arrangement.  A year later, Uncommon Goods came to us, asking for a spring skirt that had an athletic feel, we knew just the people to help us fulfill that request.



As our relationship with Ripon Athletic continued we were thrilled to find out that they were the owners of the authentic Sand Knit label.   It could be found on athletic uniforms, apparel, and letterman jackets.  Items with that label were considered to be vintage by many, as it hadn’t been in production for years. Uncommon Goods and Ripon Athletic are now producing a Customized Letterman Sweater with the authentic Sand Knit label.   We are proud to be in business with both of these amazing companies and happy to have been a key stepping stone for their partnership.

But let’s be honest, the best part of this sweater is that your main squeeze can wear it to all of your games!


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