Every Garment Tells a Story – Handwarmers

Our handwarmers have a nice little story that begins with a knitting factory in upstate New York.  The facility we use for our American-made knit goods is a fourth generation company that is one of the few facilities of its kind left in the country. They have a lot of old machinery and still do things the way they did 50 years ago.

They knit all of the cloth and then send it here to us in Oshkosh.  We then send it to a large laundering facility nearby to get all of the shrinkage out of the cloth.  The hand warmers actually come in one large knit piece, like a blanket,  and then our staff pulls out the threads that divide each row.

After the rows are divided they go to our sewing facility where they cut them into the width of the handwarmers and do all of the sewing. When the process is complete, we clean them up by looking for loose threads and then they are ready to package and ship.

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