Every Garment Tells a Story: Uncommon Goods & Aspiro

If you’ve been following our company over the years, you may have heard us mention a company called Aspiro.  Located in Green Bay, WI (Go Pack Go =) Aspiro provides job and life skill training for individuals with cognitive disabilities.  We have worked with Aspiro on many projects in the past to help assist us with a variety of needs.  However, this newest adventure feels especially good.


The project begins with a t-shirt and a seemingly simple snowflake appliqué, but if you take a closer look you will see that just like in nature this snowflake is incredibly unique.  Each and every snowflake is hand cut by an Aspiro artisan.

Aspiro Hangtag_Cindy

Aspiro Hangtag_Lori

Each one of these artisans are spotlighted on the tag found on the garment. This unique project is in partnership with, green 3, Aspiro and a “little company” known as Uncommon Goods!   Shirts will be available at Uncommon Goods in October.

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