Fall 2015 Top Seller

We have rolled out so many new products to kick off the changing colors of the leaves and the summer air turning crisp, as well as brought out some oldies, but goodies, for our collection. We introduced the Polar Fleeces, some new layered, long-sleeve tees and of course new scarves and hand warmers! Have you ever wondered what our pick is for this new, Fall collection? We’re here to share with you all about the Cat in the Moon tee that we are just raving about!

Cat in the Moon Tee, with the Halloween Cat Scarf to complete the Halloween look.

Cat in the Moon Tee, with the Halloween Cat Scarf to complete the Halloween look.

The Cat in the Moon tee as seen to the left is perfect for Halloween, especially when paired with the right accessory! Not only that, but Green 3 founder Sandy Martin said she wears her “Cat Moon” tee at any time of the year because it’s not just geared towards Halloween, but to cats in general. We are huge animal lovers, so we love anything that supports that!

We at Green 3 believe the Cat in the Moon tee is so popular this Fall because of the huge craze of cats on the Internet. Have you ever watched Keyboard Cat, uploaded in 2007 with more than 41 million views? Or have you seen the Surprised Kitty, uploaded two years after Keyboard Cat, but with 76 million views?

It’s no shocker to us that cats are a huge part of today’s society and pop culture, something we gauge our inspiration on. We love hearing about what people are going berserk over, and we take that love and that passion and turn it into a garment that we’re just as passionate about.

What are your thoughts on our Cat in the Moon tee? Would you wear it year-round? Comment on Facebook or Tweet to us @green3apparel to let us know. In the meantime, check out Green 3’s website here, and shop for all of our new Fall and Halloween items, or get your Cat in the Moon tee now!

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