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It’s easy. Go to Green 3’s website by clicking here. On the website, whether you’re on the computer, tablet or phone, scroll all the way to the bottom and in the right corner, you can enter your email and first name. Done deal!

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That’s easy, too. If you have a Facebook profile, you can like our page on Facebook by going here. If you are a social media nut and have a Twitter, you can follow us there by clicking here. You can also find us on Instagram by following @green3apparel.

One last thought you might have: “Okay, cool, but I’m just in it for updates on your adorable dog!”

Yeah, we understand how that is. Bella is the light of the office! You can also find her all over the social media universe. You can like her Facebook page by clicking here. You can also follow her on Twitter by following @bella_green3. She also makes quite an appearance on Instagram with all of her selfies. Check her out with the Instagram handle @belladonna_martin.

As technology progresses, Green 3 does it’s best to keep up as well. With your continued support offline and online, we can continue to keep doing what we do best- USA Made clothing.

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