Green 3’s Three-State Travels

Although green 3 is found all over the United States, our clothing and other home goods first see three states before heading to your stores or homes– Wisconsin, upstate New York, and North Carolina. Today’s blog post is about the things we love about green 3’s three-state journeys.


Obviously, Wisconsin is on this list! The heart of green 3 is located in central Wisconsin in Oshkosh. The brainstorming and big ideas start here. From there, they travel across the state to Hurley and Green Bay, where fabric is cut and sewn. If you’re traveling to Wisconsin, here are a few suggestions for places to visit:

1. Vine & Rushes Winery

Wine lovers unite at this rustic winery located in Ripon, not too far from Oshkosh. Enjoy a relaxing day out by tasting fine wine made right here in the US.

2. The Apostle Islands

Sounds tropical, doesn’t it? It’s the closest thing to tropical northern Wisconsin can get. The Apostle Islands are located in Bayfield and offers sightseeing for 21 different islands over a course of 12 miles. View 8 historic towers, camp on 19 of the islands, and walk, hike, sail around the areas to view the abandoned quarries, old farm sites and historic logging camps.

Upstate New York:

The reason we put emphasis on upstate is that when a lot of people think of fashion or traveling to New York, they automatically think of New York City. Although green 3 loves traveling to see the city lights, we also enjoy nature and peace in upstate New York. In New York, our knits, such as our sweaters, hand warmers, scarves, hats and more, are knit and sewn so beautifully and seamlessly. If you’re visiting New York, check out some of these suggestions for places to visit upstate:

1. Swimming Holes in the Catskills region

That’s right! Skip out on the fancy pools and water parks for nature’s finest swimming pools- lagoons and swimming holes. Hike along trails to get to these and enjoy alluring sites of water falls.

2. Blueberry Picking

Fresh blueberries straight from the Earth in upstate New York. There are 18 fields to enjoy the peace of picking your own fruit from early July to mid-August. Don’t miss out! Not a fan of blueberries? Click here for endless locations for strawberry picking.

North Carolina:

In North Carolina, green 3’s shirts are knitted and fabric is dyed to colors that are tailored just for you. After that process, they are sent to Wisconsin. If you’re in North Carolina, you have to check out these places:

1. Old Salem

Are you a history buff? Enjoy the historic district via walk or horse-drawn carriage over the cobblestone streets. There are four museums to visit and an operating bakery that is one of the nation’s oldest and still makes traditional Moravian cookies. Yummy!

2. Lights, Camera, Action!

North Carolina is known as East Hollywood as numerous TV shows and movies are filmed in local areas. Some examples are The Longest Ride, Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games, Safe Haven, One Tree Hill, and Dirty Dancing. You can visit behind the scenes of these well-known Hollywood hits and even experience a Hunger Games fan tour that teaches archery and survival skills.

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