Handwarmers, fingerless gloves, mittens without fingers?  Whatever you call them, this little accessory is one HOT item for winter.  With so many electronics and phones operated by touch, the freedom of our fingers has become essential. Not only are they convenient for technology purposes but I really think these guys would be a perfect addition for any office.  Cold hands, no more!  Plus who wouldn’t like the classic sock monkey looking up at them! These guys just make me smile!

handwarmer, sock monkey, fingerless mittens, office, warm hands, type, gift,Seriously, a great, great gift idea for anyone this season.  So many people would be pleased to find a pair or two of these in their stocking this year! And as if you’d forget, our hand warmers are among the select few that are both organic and made in the US!

What holiday gift ideas are you toying with this year?


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