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The air is turning colder and crisper, but that doesn’t mean Green 3 is slowing down anytime soon. In fact, this is our busiest time of the year! We had a fantastic show at Holy Hill on September 19, and now we have a couple more direct to consumer retail shows to attend leading up to the holidays. We’ve mentioned our events before in another blog, but today we’ll be focusing on what you can expect at our Holiday Shops Event at the University School of Milwaukee!


Our next big show is the Holiday Shops at the USM on October 29-31. Green 3 is busy deciding what to bring that you will absolutely love, whether it’s for yourself or an early start to your holiday shopping.

Similar to the show at Holy Hill, we will be bringing a lot of new, unique and handmade items to share with you. The best part of these hand made items is that many are unique, one of a kind, so you’ll never see another one like it. Don’t worry though- we will also be bringing inline Green 3 products, like our skirts, tees, throws and more.

One of our biggest feature items that we cannot wait to share with you is our blanket wraps. These wraps are made from high end up cycled woven fabric that we purchased from a well known women’s company that recently closed. Sandy works with the green 3 sewing team to come up with a few items from the leftover fabrics that are colorful and amazing. From here, you will see one of our favorites, the wool poncho that has a floral pattern, perfect for Fall. It’s light enough to wear in the office, but also warm enough to wear outside when it gets breezy. The fabric on the left is also a reclaimed wool wrap, and is accompanied with a tie or scarf.

Ponchos and Blanket Wraps | Green 3

Ponchos and Blanket Wraps | Green 3

Another big part of our Holiday Shops show is that we will be bringing more skirts to you. That’s right- different inline styles as well as unique skirts that we’ve made out of reclaimed wool. We can’t forget about the ever-popular Christmas Sweater Skirt, made from recycled Christmas sweaters and a comfortable waist band that allows for stretch. Also being featured at the show will be our cream holiday skirt that features a beautiful natural textured cotton with a black trim.

Along with our Holiday favorites, Green 3 will be proudly showing more one-of-a-kind skirts made from reclaimed wool. Just like our ponchos and blanket wraps, we are taking the fabric from the ends of the rolls and making amazing unique items and nothing goes to waste. The skirts are perfect not only for Summer and Fall, but also for Winter, especially with the inner linings and outer wool fabrics. Don’t forget to pair a skirt with one of Green 3’s tees, which you will be able to find at the show. We can’t wait to show you our Santa, Snowflake and Retro Owl tees!


Even though we can’t help but love our wraps, ponchos and skirts, we won’t forget about the rest of Green 3’s products! Not only will you get to shop for remarkable clothing, but you will also get your hands on some amazing accessories! We are pleased to be bringing to you our handwarmer wall! That’s right, a whole wall dedicated to our delightful recycled cotton handwarmers. We will also be showing you some reclaimed, recycled cashmere handwarmers. Sorry we’ve been keeping them to ourselves this whole time! Don’t forget about our recycled cotton scarves! Mix and match with a variety of different options that range from quirky to fun.

From there, you can find our Dog Sweater/Human Scarf set that you cannot go without. Not only does your beloved pet stay warm in the cooler Winter times, but you, as their human, will match and stay warm, too. The list is never-ending because you can also find a huge assortment of bags from Green 3.

Depending on how long you have known Green 3, you may or may not know about our different brands. One of them is called Home Green Home. This includes a section of green, organic, home good things (just like it sounds!) So when you visit us at our booth, you can get a head start on shopping some new Circa-Home candles, body wash and body lotion. We will even set up testers for the lotion so you can try before you buy. We currently carry Circa-Home in scents like Amberwood, Gingerwood and Marsh Rosemary. For the Holidays, Sandy and the Green 3 team are bringing in some wonderful Holiday scents that will surely accent any Holiday get-together you have. We will also be featuring some throw blankets that make great gifts for adults and kids. These are made from recycled cotton knits and come in a vast collection of colors and designs. We will be carrying more home goods, like Christmas stockings, Christmas tree skirts, towels, and more.

Handwarmer glimpse | Green 3

Handwarmer glimpse | Green 3

Now that you have a small glimpse into what we’re bringing, get ready for our door-busters! Not sure what that is? Let us give you a small insight:

$5 pot holders.

Say what? That’s right! Get your hands on some Heart Pot Holders for only $5! They are truly original! The outer lining is made from 100% wool, with the inner lining being cotton. The multiple layers and layer combinations make it so your hands are protected from the heat of any cooking pot.

Not quite sold on visiting us at the show? Visit the University School of Milwaukee’s event website and get 50% off on your admission into the show! Not only will you save money shopping with Green 3 and other vendors, but you will also save some extra moolah when you walk into the event. Make it a family-fun day as kids 13 and under are free!

Visit Green 3 on Thursday, Oct. 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday, Oct. 30 from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and again on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit us Friday after 5 and get in free! Shop until you drop and still make it to Halloween trick-or-treating with your kids and family.

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