Introducing Circa-Home

Green 3 is always moving forward with you, our customers, in mind. So when you look around your home, you may have a Green 3 throw, maybe a few of our recycled pillows, or maybe you have a closet full of our original tees. But, is there something missing? That’s where Circa-Home comes in!

Circa-Home is an all-natural, USA company that specializes in body care and candles. The company, based in Urbana, Maryland, focuses on plant-derived oils and vitamins to breathe life back into your skin and into your home.

Green 3 will be carrying three fragrances in the hand lotion, the hand and body wash, and the Madison Jar candles. We also will be carrying fragrance-free in the lotion, wash and candles for those who don’t want to mask the scents from the natural ingredients.

Circa-Home's Amberwood Madison Jar Soy Candle

Circa-Home’s Amberwood Madison Jar Soy Candle

Spruce up your living room or bedroom with 100% soy wax candles that eliminate odors, burn clean and are safe for the environment. Made right here in the USA with essential oils and lead-free wicks that comes in Ginger Lime, Marsh Rosemary, and Amberwood fragrances. The candle burns in your home at a lower temperature than other waxes and up to 90 hours. With an American-made and American-grown product like that, you can’t go wrong!

Ginger Lime Hand & Body Wash from Circa-Home

Ginger Lime Hand & Body Wash from Circa-Home

Are you on a never-ending hunt for a soap that is natural and won’t dry out your skin? Look no further. Circa-Home proudly makes a hand & body wash made from the derived-oils of aloe vera, coconut oil, rice bran, acai palm fruit and passion fruit seed. The anti-bacterial soap lasts up to 1,000 pumps and provides incredible benefits from vitamins A, B and E. Moisturize, hydrate, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, protect skin from elements, reduce irritation and inflammation while cleansing biggest organ. Get the hand & body was in Amberwood, Ginger Lime or Marsh Rosemary.

You can also get this in fragrance-free with all the benefits you see above!

Marsh Rosemary Hand & Body Lotion from Circa-Home

Marsh Rosemary Hand & Body Lotion from Circa-Home

And last but not least, a USA-made lotion that is made with eight plant-derived oils! That’s right- this hand & body lotion is made from shea butter, soybean, rice bran, jojoba seed, acai palm fruit, marigold flower, passion fruit seed and vegetable glycerin- nature’s most beneficial ingredients. The oils and butters will leave your skin feeling hydrated and moisturized while working to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, irritation and inflammation. This amazing lotion will also repair your damaged skin and protect it from further element damage. With up to 450 pumps out of this bottle and anti-bacterial, you will be left feeling refreshed. Get this lotion in Marsh Rosemary, Ginger Lime, or Amberwood.

Get the lotion in fragrance-free for the same benefits!

Every garment at Green 3 tells a story, and now these wonderful, natural products from Circa-Home can tell a story in your own home. Share your stories with us on social media on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram!

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