Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Or should I say, Airplanes and Winds and Sales OH MY!

Last week we held our first tent sale at our company store.  The week blew in a “Wizard of Oz” moment, a million visitors for EAA (known as “The worlds greatest aviation celebration”), and what we think was a pretty darn good sale!

Let me start with our notorious Oz moment.  Our tent stood strong in the middle of our parking lot filled with merchandise and several customers.  The skies looked overcast but not threatening, when out of nowhere our tent was picked up by a strong twister wind!  Picture Dorothy and the Tinman holding the tent down with all of their might and poor Toto hovering under a nearby table.  Joking aside,  the wind thankfully subsided quickly and there was no damage or injury.  We did of course add a few more reinforcements but luckily that was our only twister moment.  =)


Green & Gold is alway appropriate in Packer country!

As far as the airplanes go, it was and always is an amazing time to be in Oshkosh. There is a totally different kind of buzz through out the city, especially when the event drops a million plus people into town.   There are airplanes everywhere you look, planes flying alone,  planes diving, turning,& flipping, planes in formation, planes skywriting & brave folks jumping out of planes.  Summed up as a very enjoyable week here in Oshkosh.



A big thanks to all that stopped in to our tent sale last week!  Our fall line will be previewing online and in our store in just a few short weeks. =)  Thanks for checking in!

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