New QR Codes

Our company gets asked many questions related to our products; What is organic cotton, water-based inks, pre-consumer recycled cotton or re-engineered products.   With the help of these fancy little Quick Response (QR) Codes we can now answer those questions with a push of a button.  In our fall 2012 wholesale catalog you will find several codes throughout the booklet, and if you have a smart phone you will instantly be linked to a video that speaks to each of those questions.

To use a green3 QR code, you must have a smartphone with a camera (such as an Android, iPhone or iPod Touch, or Blackberry) and a QR scanning application.  Recommended free apps that can be downloaded through your phone’s app store are:

iPhone/iPod Touch

  • NeoReader
  • Scan
  • QR Reader for iPhone


  • ScanLife Barcode Reader
  • QuickMark Barcode Scanner
  • i-nigma Barcode Scanner


  • QR Code Scanner (Newgen Graphics)
  • QR Code Scanner Pro Free (The Jared Company)
  • Code Muncher QR Reader

Once you have downloaded a QR scanning application, simply open it and direct your phone’s camera toward the code. Hold still, and wait for the application to redirect you to a green3 YouTube video.  We hope you enjoy our videos.


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