Support Your Local Shelter Tees


Several years back in support of local farming and farmers markets, we launched the Support Your Local Farmer tee.  It has remained in our line since that time, and continues to be one of our best sellers.

Roughly one year ago we purchased our first dog, Bella.  Because of Sandy’s serious allergies, she was limited to just a few dogs that would work for her.  As we set out to find our dog, we began watching numerous shelter sites to see if we could find and rescue the exact dog we were looking for.  Unfortunately we never found that dog at a shelter, but in doing the search we learned about the amazing work that animal shelters do.

Sandy was inspired to find a way that we could support our local shelters, and try to help those animals in need, even if we weren’t able to rescue one ourselves.  With that inspiration, the “Support Your Local Shelter” tees were conceived.

Green 3 is donating 10% of the net proceeds from the sales of these items to the Humane Society in Oshkosh  as well as other local independent shelters in our community.  With six styles to choose from – three for women and three for men, our “Local Shelter” tees are perfect for animal lovers everywhere! The shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and environmentally friendly water based dyes and inks. And they are all knit, cut and sewn in the USA.

Men's Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Men’s Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Women's Support Your Local Shelter Tees

Women’s Support Your Local Shelter Tees

We are excited to say that the shirts have been resoundingly embraced by our specialty store customers, and have also been purchased by two national catalogs for their summer mailings.  As we get closer to Fall and the Holidays, we expect the sales on these items to climb.  All of which means we will be able to donate more as the year goes on.

Thank you for your support of Green 3, and of your local shelters!

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