ABC’s of Green 3

A- Americana Line

Green 3 proudly represents our USA made materials through our Americana line, displayed on our retail site, across the nation at various retail shops and even at Disney World Epcot.

A double-up shirt that you will instantly fall in love with!

A double-up shirt that you will instantly fall in love with!

B- Butterfly Floral

This shirt is one of our many double-up shirts that are meant to look like you have a short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. There are many designs to choose from, but we love this beautiful floral.

C- Cotton

All of our garments are made out of 100% organic cotton. It’s soft, fitting and long-lasting.

D- Distressed Denim Skirt

That’s right! Green 3 has a denim/flannel skirt made out of reclaimed materials and 9 sewn-on panels for a mixture of fun! Shop here.


The perfect men's gift for the farmer in your life! The best part of this is it's a unisex, over-sized fit!

The perfect men’s gift for the farmer in your life! The best part of this is it’s a unisex, over-sized fit!

E- E-I-E-I-O

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O! Know a farmer in your life? This is the perfect shirt for him. 100% organic cotton, oversized, unisex fit, and designed right here in the state of Wisconsin!

F- Fun is what G3 does!

When we design and make our clothing at green 3, we have your interests at heart, and that means making everything we do fun, just for you! We have original artwork that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and designs that pop out and gain attention.

G- Green

Our name, green 3, was inspired by co-founders Jim and Sandy, who included their daughter, to equal three. Green comes from our ideas of keeping everything organic!

H- Hurley, Wisconsin

You may have never heard of this small town in northern Wisconsin, but it’s home to most of our projects. Employees at Art Unlimited in this quiet, northern town cut and sew a lot of our products. Keeping jobs in America, and even better in Wisconsin, is something we value.

I- Interesting Designs

Green 3 not only has original, hand-drawn artwork, but we like to keep it interesting and fun when it comes to all of our projects. We have a ton of designs for our hand warmers. Caution: Those who have a hard time just picking one thing out shouldn’t look through our hand warmers!

J- Just your average small business!

Green 3 keeps our goods within the U.S., proudly distributing to many small businesses across the nation. Read our blog where we picked out some you could visit.

The perfect accompaniment for your big, chunky holiday sweaters.

The perfect accompaniment for your big, chunky holiday sweaters.

K- Kitten Mitten Scarf

What’s a kitten mitten scarf, you ask? It’s pre-consumer recycled cotton, cut and sewn in upstate New York, and includes mittens on the end! It’s a two-in-one and you won’t ever have to worry about losing one mitten.

L- Leggings

Big leggings and sweater fan? These are perfect for you! They are our holiday leggings, made out of 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton. They are also machine wash & dry, and has an elastic band for the ultimate comfort.

M- Mittens

We have a lot of mittens to offer to our customers! Do you like animals? Or maybe want to show off your political side? Shop our mittens here.


N- Natural Cotton Textured Blanket

This big, cozy, textured blanket offers everything you need- all natural cotton, knit, cut and sewn in the US, machine wash & dry, and huge to curl up in! Shop here.

Get a good night's rest in this comfortable, soft, organic shirt!

Get a good night’s rest in this comfortable, soft, organic shirt!

O- Owls

Here at green 3, we love animals! We cannot get enough of them! Even when we sleep, which is why we have this perfect sleep shirt with a kooky owl on it!

P- Peaceful

Green 3’s very first shirt was called “Peaceful.” It was a deep brown shirt with a watercolor peace sign and the very simple word peaceful. This shirt represents green 3 in our simplicity and love for organic, water ink, cotton-based shirts.

Q- Quiet Thinking

Green 3 is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a smaller city surrounded by a big lake! With the lake and the beautiful parks, we always have quiet thinking for our designs!

R- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Green 3 is going back to elementary school with these basic foundations of helping Earth! All of our clothing is recycled, ensuring there is as little waste as possible.

S- Skirts galore!

Green 3 has more skirts than you can imagine! We repurpose old materials for our woven, panel skirts. These include short, long and maxi skirts. Shop our skirts here.

The perfect accessory for any outfit, casual or professional.

The perfect accessory for any outfit, casual or professional.

T- Tie Sling Bag

We not only fulfill your organic clothing needs, but we also have bags! These cute bags go well with any outfit, and they are made of post-consumer suit coats and ties. Fancy!

U- US Flag Throw

This beautiful, American throw not only shows your pride for USA made products, but also keeps you warm during those cold nights.

V- Very comfortable

Have you ever tried something that was 100% cotton? Let us tell you that it is a great feeling! These shirts are unbelievably comfortable for any time of day and will leave you feeling great knowing it’s USA made!

W- Wisconsin

We are based right in good ole Wisconsin! Our home base is in Oshkosh where we design and print using water-based inks, but we also travel to Hurley, where employees cut the fabrics, and to Green Bay, where employees at Aspiro sew for us.

The perfect shirt for the Halloween season! And throughout the year, if you're edgy!

The perfect shirt for the Halloween season! And throughout the year, if you’re edgy!

X- X-tra Scary!

Green 3 loves every holiday in the year, including Halloween! We have a ton of products for all you Halloween lovers out there, from long-sleeved shirts, to scarves, to hand warmers, all showcasing your love for the holiday.

Y- Young

We have clothing that tailors to all ages for adults. But did you know G3 has baby clothing? Shop here for adorable onesies!

Z- Zebra Cardigan

The letter Z was a little hard, not going to lie, but we came up with the perfect cardigan for this letter! The Zebra Cardigan, again for animal lovers to unite with! Shop here to get your paws on this recycled cotton, soft cardigan to match with any tank or tee you have in your closet!

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Every Garment Tells a Story: Organic Valley Bandanas

At Green 3, we take pride in knowing every bit of garment down to the last bit of stitch has a story behind it.

Today, co-founder of Green 3, Jim Martin, is traveling to Hurley, Wis. from Oshkosh to deliver fabric that will be made into bandanas for Wisconsin’s Organic Valley Farms, located in La Farge, Wis. Those bandanas are made not only within the U.S., but in Wisconsin as well, which is a very large goal for us and Organic Valley.

Organic Valley is a company that is organic and farmer-owned since 1988. The company believed in sustainable and natural options for farming, and started growing organic vegetables. Eventually, the demand was large enough that they expanded their product lines to dairy.

The story of the bandana started when Organic Valley contacted us to make bandanas for them, which will then be given out. We take pride in helping and collaborating with other local businesses, so we said yes!

The fabric that needs to be cut came into the shop today, and we are sending it to a company in Hurley called Art Unlimited. Art Unlimited has workers who are highly skilled in apparel manufacturing and have been sewing for more than 25 years. Green 3 loves that the company produces goods within our home state.

The heart is Green 3 in Oshkosh. The upper star is Art Unlimited in Oshkosh, the middle star is Aspiro in Green Bay, and the lower star is Organic Valley in La Farge.

The heart is Green 3 in Oshkosh. The upper star is Art Unlimited in Oshkosh, the middle star is Aspiro in Green Bay, and the lower star is Organic Valley in La Farge.

Today, employees at Art Unlimited will be cutting rolls of fabric. In order to do so, they use a band saw that allows them to slash through the thickness of the cloth. The employees will take the rolls of cloth and unravel them the full length of 55 yards. The fabric will be stacked on top of each other as much as the saw will allow it. Then, a paper outline is placed on top so the employees know where to cut.

After the fabric is cut, it is brought back to Oshkosh for water-based ink printing.

After it’s done printing, the bandanas are sent to Aspiro in Green Bay, Wis. Aspiro is a truly inspirational company, who provides jobs, skill training, independence and pride to cognitive-disabled adults. Green 3 and Aspiro work together with different manufacturing projects. Later this week, employees at Aspiro will add the final touches to the organic cloth bandanas. They will sew around the edges to ensure the bandanas never fray.

After that, the finished bandanas will be delivered to Organic Valley!

What Green 3 absolutely adores about this project is how we are keeping the production within the state. Green 3, Scharpf’s, Art Unlimited, and Aspiro, all Wisconsin companies, are working together to keep apparel and home goods production here in the U.S.

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Social Responsibility: The Journey Continues

social responsibilityAs Green 3 enters its eighth year we not only continue to grow our business, but our vision and perspective continues to grow as well. When we launched Green 3 we focused on environmental responsibility, and for that reason our products featured organic and recycled fibers. At that same time we knew we wanted our products to be made in the USA. After 2009, that initiative was intensified as we began to better understand the economic responsibility of keeping and creating jobs here at home. In 2010 we met the fine folks at ASPIRO in Green Bay, WI. In less than thirty minutes of our first tour of the facility, we knew that not only was ASPIRO absolutely the proper partner from a business perspective, but that companies like ours had a responsibility to support this organization’s efforts. They opened our eyes to social responsibility, and from that point forward we began developing products that could benefit those less fortunate than ourselves.

Since that time ASPIRO has become our “go to” partner for any and all types of projects. We consciously develop products that suit their client’s needs, as well as challenge them with projects that any other manufacturer would think twice about. Not once have we been disappointed. We look forward to not only continuing our relationship with ASPIRO, but growing it.

This fall we introduced our Snowflake Tee. Each and every snowflake was hand cut by an ASPIRO artisan. New in our spring/summer collection is our “Love You” tee. This organic cotton tee is adorned with an appliquéd heart that is as unique as each individual you hold in your own heart. Every heart appliqué is cut by hand, is unique, and reflects the creativity of an artisan with a disability who is learning job and life skills at ASPIRO. The garments come with hangtags that feature the artisan’s image and signature (shown below), and a QR code that links you to a video about this amazing program. You can view that video here:



We have had many interesting stops along the way to this particular point, and we look forward to the journey ahead.

To learn about ASPIRO and their amazing mission, you can visit their website at

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Every Garment Tells a Story: Uncommon Goods & Aspiro

If you’ve been following our company over the years, you may have heard us mention a company called Aspiro.  Located in Green Bay, WI (Go Pack Go =) Aspiro provides job and life skill training for individuals with cognitive disabilities.  We have worked with Aspiro on many projects in the past to help assist us with a variety of needs.  However, this newest adventure feels especially good.


The project begins with a t-shirt and a seemingly simple snowflake appliqué, but if you take a closer look you will see that just like in nature this snowflake is incredibly unique.  Each and every snowflake is hand cut by an Aspiro artisan.

Aspiro Hangtag_Cindy

Aspiro Hangtag_Lori

Each one of these artisans are spotlighted on the tag found on the garment. This unique project is in partnership with, green 3, Aspiro and a “little company” known as Uncommon Goods!   Shirts will be available at Uncommon Goods in October.

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