BellyBallot Baby Naming Green 3 Giveaway!

Wait, giveaway? You bet!

Your little one will be cozy and curled up in our organic cotton junior throw.

Your little one will be cozy and curled up in our organic cotton junior throw.

Been on the hunt for organic cotton baby onesies? Your search is over!

Been on the hunt for organic cotton baby onesies? Your search is over!












BellyBallot, a baby naming site that helps new parents pick out a baby name when they’re torn between multiple options by allowing friends and family to vote, is giving away a Little Lamb Throw and Onesie Set to one lucky winner!

How can you win? Easy!

Sign up for free at BellyBallot, choose your top five names that you just can’t decide over, and invite your friends and family to vote! The one with the most votes on their ballot between July 27-30 will win the green 3 giveaway.

BellyBallot is not just a typical naming site. They not only have names from A to Z, but they also categorize baby names! They have names by popularity by decade, names by ethnicity, biblical names, heroic names and even “bad boy” names!

Have fun while figuring out a name for your precious, little one, and avoid all the stress!

Share your ballots with us on Facebook and Twitter! Good luck!

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ABC’s of Green 3

A- Americana Line

Green 3 proudly represents our USA made materials through our Americana line, displayed on our retail site, across the nation at various retail shops and even at Disney World Epcot.

A double-up shirt that you will instantly fall in love with!

A double-up shirt that you will instantly fall in love with!

B- Butterfly Floral

This shirt is one of our many double-up shirts that are meant to look like you have a short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. There are many designs to choose from, but we love this beautiful floral.

C- Cotton

All of our garments are made out of 100% organic cotton. It’s soft, fitting and long-lasting.

D- Distressed Denim Skirt

That’s right! Green 3 has a denim/flannel skirt made out of reclaimed materials and 9 sewn-on panels for a mixture of fun! Shop here.


The perfect men's gift for the farmer in your life! The best part of this is it's a unisex, over-sized fit!

The perfect men’s gift for the farmer in your life! The best part of this is it’s a unisex, over-sized fit!

E- E-I-E-I-O

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O! Know a farmer in your life? This is the perfect shirt for him. 100% organic cotton, oversized, unisex fit, and designed right here in the state of Wisconsin!

F- Fun is what G3 does!

When we design and make our clothing at green 3, we have your interests at heart, and that means making everything we do fun, just for you! We have original artwork that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and designs that pop out and gain attention.

G- Green

Our name, green 3, was inspired by co-founders Jim and Sandy, who included their daughter, to equal three. Green comes from our ideas of keeping everything organic!

H- Hurley, Wisconsin

You may have never heard of this small town in northern Wisconsin, but it’s home to most of our projects. Employees at Art Unlimited in this quiet, northern town cut and sew a lot of our products. Keeping jobs in America, and even better in Wisconsin, is something we value.

I- Interesting Designs

Green 3 not only has original, hand-drawn artwork, but we like to keep it interesting and fun when it comes to all of our projects. We have a ton of designs for our hand warmers. Caution: Those who have a hard time just picking one thing out shouldn’t look through our hand warmers!

J- Just your average small business!

Green 3 keeps our goods within the U.S., proudly distributing to many small businesses across the nation. Read our blog where we picked out some you could visit.

The perfect accompaniment for your big, chunky holiday sweaters.

The perfect accompaniment for your big, chunky holiday sweaters.

K- Kitten Mitten Scarf

What’s a kitten mitten scarf, you ask? It’s pre-consumer recycled cotton, cut and sewn in upstate New York, and includes mittens on the end! It’s a two-in-one and you won’t ever have to worry about losing one mitten.

L- Leggings

Big leggings and sweater fan? These are perfect for you! They are our holiday leggings, made out of 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton. They are also machine wash & dry, and has an elastic band for the ultimate comfort.

M- Mittens

We have a lot of mittens to offer to our customers! Do you like animals? Or maybe want to show off your political side? Shop our mittens here.


N- Natural Cotton Textured Blanket

This big, cozy, textured blanket offers everything you need- all natural cotton, knit, cut and sewn in the US, machine wash & dry, and huge to curl up in! Shop here.

Get a good night's rest in this comfortable, soft, organic shirt!

Get a good night’s rest in this comfortable, soft, organic shirt!

O- Owls

Here at green 3, we love animals! We cannot get enough of them! Even when we sleep, which is why we have this perfect sleep shirt with a kooky owl on it!

P- Peaceful

Green 3’s very first shirt was called “Peaceful.” It was a deep brown shirt with a watercolor peace sign and the very simple word peaceful. This shirt represents green 3 in our simplicity and love for organic, water ink, cotton-based shirts.

Q- Quiet Thinking

Green 3 is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a smaller city surrounded by a big lake! With the lake and the beautiful parks, we always have quiet thinking for our designs!

R- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Green 3 is going back to elementary school with these basic foundations of helping Earth! All of our clothing is recycled, ensuring there is as little waste as possible.

S- Skirts galore!

Green 3 has more skirts than you can imagine! We repurpose old materials for our woven, panel skirts. These include short, long and maxi skirts. Shop our skirts here.

The perfect accessory for any outfit, casual or professional.

The perfect accessory for any outfit, casual or professional.

T- Tie Sling Bag

We not only fulfill your organic clothing needs, but we also have bags! These cute bags go well with any outfit, and they are made of post-consumer suit coats and ties. Fancy!

U- US Flag Throw

This beautiful, American throw not only shows your pride for USA made products, but also keeps you warm during those cold nights.

V- Very comfortable

Have you ever tried something that was 100% cotton? Let us tell you that it is a great feeling! These shirts are unbelievably comfortable for any time of day and will leave you feeling great knowing it’s USA made!

W- Wisconsin

We are based right in good ole Wisconsin! Our home base is in Oshkosh where we design and print using water-based inks, but we also travel to Hurley, where employees cut the fabrics, and to Green Bay, where employees at Aspiro sew for us.

The perfect shirt for the Halloween season! And throughout the year, if you're edgy!

The perfect shirt for the Halloween season! And throughout the year, if you’re edgy!

X- X-tra Scary!

Green 3 loves every holiday in the year, including Halloween! We have a ton of products for all you Halloween lovers out there, from long-sleeved shirts, to scarves, to hand warmers, all showcasing your love for the holiday.

Y- Young

We have clothing that tailors to all ages for adults. But did you know G3 has baby clothing? Shop here for adorable onesies!

Z- Zebra Cardigan

The letter Z was a little hard, not going to lie, but we came up with the perfect cardigan for this letter! The Zebra Cardigan, again for animal lovers to unite with! Shop here to get your paws on this recycled cotton, soft cardigan to match with any tank or tee you have in your closet!

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Customer Feedback Survey: Our Turn to Answer Your Requests

For the past few weeks, green 3 has sent out a customer feedback survey. On our survey, we asked everybody a variety of questions tailored to what we want to know about you. We may have slipped in some silly questions, but at least the survey was entertaining. Here are some things we found:

  • Almost everyone who took the survey have shopped with us! There were a select 3 of you who haven’t, and that’s okay! Now you can use your $10 gift card with us.
  • The leading color that was a favorite was blue! Purple and black came in a close second.
  • The favorite holiday was Christmas by a landslide! Speaking of, we are getting ready to make some mittens and skirts… Stay tuned for those!
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, we had you rank how important recycled options were to you and how important it was to you for USA made products. We had an average of 4.28 and 4.48! Thank you for keeping business within the U.S!
  • We noted a lot of you use Facebook, our newsletter, and our website to keep track of updates. As technology grows, green 3 is trying to keep up. You can follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and we have a blog!

We also asked for specific feedback from each of you on what you’d like to see us make from green 3. We had an array of answers, ranging from they loved everything we had and didn’t want us to change, to some of you wanting to see specific products. Today, we’re answering your requests so you have some answers!

“I’d love to see more dresses and 3/4 length t-shirts!”

Good! We do, too! That’s why we are adding more of these products into our spring 2016 line. Stay tuned for more!

green 3 - Monkey Throw and Wild Thing Onesie (BellyBallot Prize)sm

Our junior throw matched with the Wild Thing onesie– perfect for your little ones!

“I want to see more baby clothes!”

It fills our hearts with sadness when we say that we are no longer making baby clothing. Children grow so fast out of their little onesies that it’s hard to keep up with the costs to make it affordable for you. Although we won’t be having their clothes, we will definitely keep up the junior throws!

“Can we see more cardigans/sweaters with buttons?”

Fall may seem like it’s far away, but in Wisconsin weather, we know it’s just around the corner. We are currently working on more cardigans and sweaters you can bundle up in for fall 2015.

“Have you tried making textiles?”

We currently offer some kitchen towels for purchase, but unfortunately, textiles just aren’t our forte.

“2x is my thing… Can it be your thing, too?”

We are adding 2x in the fall on all of our t-shirts! We are so happy to add onto our clothing options.

“How about petite options?”

We are looking into more extra small options for spring 2016, so stay tuned!

Green 3's doily butterfly shirt

Green 3’s doily butterfly shirt- 100% original artwork and completely hand-drawn. Can you believe that!?

“I’d love to see some original artwork!”

That is awesome! You definitely picked the right option, because all of our artwork is 100% original and hand-drawn. Read more about our in-house artist, who draws all of green 3 founder Sandy’s ideas!

“I love your t-shirts. Can I have leggings and jeans to match them with?”

We love our tees, too! Because of all that love, we are in the process of adding leggings into our spring 2016 line! 100% organic material jeans are a little trickier. Jeans require a lot of labor, and that can drive up the cost, making it not affordable for you. Jeans aren’t in our big ideas for now, but we will keep it mind.

“Oh! How about mismatching socks!?”

Oh my gosh, those are so fun! We would absolutely love to make some for you, but we don’t have the required machinery for such fine knits. We do recommend Solmate Socks though- made in the U.S. and recycled cotton!

“I love wool. Can you use that?”

TBT: Our first shirt!

Our peaceful shirt that we have hopes to bring back! Simple, cute, peaceful.

Wool is available to us, but it is also way more expensive than cotton, especially when we value organic materials. With the use of all wool, it would drive up the cost, and we’d hate to see you miss out on garments because of the cost.

“I love all things peaceful. When are peace signs coming back!?”

Did you know our first shirt made for green 3 was called “peaceful”? We are looking into bringing it back! You can read about the story of it here.

“I’d love to see dresses I could wear to work!”

At green 3, we focus on garments that are easily worn with jeans, so we understand where you’re coming from. We are adding some new dresses into our spring 2016 line, but if that isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we recommend Fair Indigo.

“Go USA! How about some Americana stuff?”

Lucky for you, we do have some Americana garments! You can find these awesome USA made and USA proud green 3 products here!

Our crew sweater found in the Americana line. Find it throughout the U.S. and online.

Our crew sweater found in the Americana line. Find it throughout the U.S. and online.

We at green 3 want to thank all of you for taking our survey! We appreciate customer feedback and we love to know what your ideas are so we can cater to what makes you happy. We will be sending out the $10 coupons next week! If you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to make comments by contacting us.

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Buyable Pins on Pinterest

With ever-changing technology, green 3 does its best to keep up with new trends, tricks and trades for our business. Pinterest, an online website that allows users to create boards that tailor to their future homes and future projects, similar to a scrapbook, announced that it will allow users to purchase certain pins within the mobile app.

Shopping made easier with the blue Buy It button.

Shopping made easier with the blue Buy It button. Now, imagine green 3’s garments on that screen!

To green 3, this is pretty big news because it can become another platform where you, as our customers, can pin garments to your boards or purchase them right on the spot!

We love that this makes it easier for us to serve a certain crowd of customers. We did some research for everyone so that you will know what to expect if green 3 does sell on Pinterest:

  • If you use Pinterest now and have pinned some stuff from green 3 or other shopping destinations you love, you may have noticed it’s hard to get to the buying screen. You have to click on the pin to open the website page and go from there. Now, with these pins, you can click on the blue “Buy” button. It’s that easy!
  • Pinterest makes it easier to buy as it secures your information for easier shopping. That means you don’t have to repeatedly enter numbers every time you want to buy something!
  • Shipping is made easier, as we control it, not Pinterest. Plus, you won’t have to pay any additional fees to Pinterest!
  • Any profits made on the sale go right to us, not big-named corporations or companies.
  • Shopping is made easier as you can select what the item is you’re looking for, the size, the color and even the price you want to spend on it.

If you’re an avid online shopper, this may be the next big thing for you!

Right now, green 3 does not have the option for the blue “Buy It” button, but perhaps in the future we will. Would you shop through green 3 through Pinterest? Let us know your thoughts!

In the mean time, you can create your own “green 3 scrapbook” by clicking here.

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The Story of a Green 3 Catalog

Have you ever wondered why catalogs are made the way they are? Why some clothes are on people and some are just on a mannequin, or why some garments are laid flat? Today, behind the desk of Green 3 Apparel, we have answers just for you!

How long does it take to create a Green 3 catalog?

The creation of the catalogs can take months for planning, production and final touches. It starts with co-founders Sandy and Jim Martin thinking of big ideas from Green 3’s next season. They have a general idea of page count and categories, but not always what products will go on what pages.

Layout begins when there’s a better idea of how the catalog will come together. Templates are made and sent to Alex, our in-house graphic artist, who does proportion, spacing and sizing adjustments.

How do you decide which photos of people or mannequins to use?

When we create any garments for Green 3, we have a checklist in mind for our loyal customers:

1. Does it appeal to you?

2. Does it feel good?

3. Does it fit?

4. Can you afford it?

5. Where is it made?

With that in mind, we look for the best images that will help you see what needs to be seen, which are the graphics we design and the details of the garment. We plan our big ideas and decide which look is best for our fit and sizing. We also consider what products are being shown and the emotions. When we display our Halloween idea, we LOVE when our model, Jane, is having a blast, because we know that your consumers will love having fun, too.

How do you decide which order to place your ideas?

This upcoming catalog for our fall/holiday lines will be the first time we are using a full page for our big ideas. We are doing this to show our customers what we think are the most important trends for the upcoming season. We also consider which products can be adjacent to each other. For example, our catalog features our Halloween and Fall line right next to each other.

How many catalogs are printed?

This next season, we are printing 7,000! We give these to our sales representatives and customers, just like you!

I love Green 3 and I need it NOW for my store! Please give me a catalog!

Looking to get Green 3 for your retail stores? Our website not only features everything from the catalog online, but we also have a request form to get a catalog. We just need a little information from you! We can send it electronically or through mail- whichever is most convenient for you. Click here if you just HAVE to have Green 3!

Okay, I don’t own a store. Now what can I do?

Green 3, although more of a wholesale company, also offers retail products. Check out our website here, and don’t forget about our weekly sales!

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