The Men’s Fall 2015 Line

Green 3 not only accounts for music and pop culture for the inspiration behind the collections, but we are also inspired by lifestyles. With our Fall 2015 men’s line, we went back in time to post-World War II, or around the 1950s.

Butcher Cuts | Green 3

Butcher Cuts | Green 3

Green 3 went back to the ’50s because of the way the time period shaped America. The aftermath of the war built America to what it is today- building the American Dream and making a life for yourself. At the time, men were living simpler lives, which Green 3 loves.

For example, the Butcher Cuts tee to the right was inspired by the pop-ups of small businesses, including butcher shops. Instead of people shopping big corporate stores, nowadays they are returning to shopping small.

Hardware | Green 3

Hardware | Green 3





Looking at today, men have started to revert away from technology and into building an easier lifestyle. People are camping more, spending more quality time away from technology and actually taking time to build a life. Literally, build!

The retro-wash of all of the shirts this season not only give it a sense of relaxation and comfort, but also fits into the 1950s style. Green 3’s tees work perfectly with a pair of faded blue jeans, which encompasses the full American lifestyle.



All of our men’s shirts are made from 100% organic cotton with a relaxed fit. Not only are they for men, but many women, even Sandy Martin, wears a men’s tee on comfortable days. They are designed and printed in the USA, and made with environmentally-friendly dyes.

Check out the full 2015 line below! You can head over to our website to get your tees today, whether it’s for yourself, a friend or for the holidays!

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