The Story of a Green 3 Hat

Innovative and out-of-the-ordinary are just a few words to describe Green 3’s inspiration behind the garments, accessories and items we have. Not only are we trying to create items that are individual and one-of-a-kind, but also items that are useful and functional. That’s exactly what our hats are.

Fox Hat| Green 3

Fox Hat| Green 3

What started as a fun idea for Green 3 founder Sandy Martin, actually turned into something quite popular! Originally, Sandy made the Green 3 hats square to be funny.

Yep. Funny!

When Green 3 started the hat project, they stuck with animals. Sandy worked with the in-house designer to work out a hat that kept the ears of the animals in the corners without actually sewing ears on the hats. When the hat rests loosely on your noggin, it keeps the ear part pointy.

See why they’re square now?

Not only that, but the longer design of the hats keep them 100% functional! The comfortable fit will wrap around your head, and when your ears are cold, pull down the fabric. You will still keep the peculiar shape of the hats while staying warm.

Sandy also thought about the products as a conversation starter. She recently traveled out of state, and someone approached her about her raccoon handwarmers. The person thought they were unique and different, which Green 3 takes pride of. Sandy knows that these square hats will be conversation starters and may even help you meet some new people.

Fox Hat, Fox Scarf, Fox Mittens | Green 3

Fox Hat, Fox Scarf, Fox Mittens | Green 3

Just like other knits from Green 3, our hats are designed in the heart of the Fox Valley in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. From there, they are sewn in upstate New York with 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton. They are warm, soft, flexible and fun, and of course made with the environment at heart. They are then sent to Oshkosh for some last touches on the sewing, and are then sent out to the world!

Sold on the square design of these compelling hats? Get yours today by clicking here! We have hats in all sorts of animal designs, like the Fox Hat seen above as well as a Wolf Hat, Raccoon Hat, Skunk Hat and even a Sock Monkey hat. Dare to be different!

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