USA Made and USA Bound

Green 3 distributes to many different stores across the nation, ranging in variety of the type of store. We have sold to gift shops in children’s hospitals and universities, small shops, large retailers and more. From the desk of Green 3, we are giving you a sneak peek into a few different shops, reminding you that we keep Wisconsin forever in our hearts, but are always willing to share the love.

Get active with this bicycle t-shirt!

Get active with this bicycle t-shirt!


Acacia is a catalog-based retailer specializing in comfortable and stylish clothing, active-wear and accessories. They focus on products that advocate for a healthy, joyful lifestyle. Their company is based in Stillwater, Minn.

Boo Radley’s:

A retail shop dedicated to the life of To Kill a Mockingbird‘s character, Boo Radley, who collected odds and ends. The shop, located in Spokane, Wash., does just that- they sell items that range from toys to fun shirts, like those from Green 3!

Brookfield Zoo:

Taking your family to the zoo in Chicago anytime soon? Look for Green 3 apparel! Found in gift shops across the park, Green 3 has multiple options for clothing, hand warmers, boot cuffs and even junior throw blankets with animals on them!

Charity USA:

Charity USA helps animals, people and causes in need by donating some of their proceeds to a range of charities throughout the United States. For example, Charity USA works closely with The Breast Cancer Site, The Veterans Site, The Autism Site, The Ecology Fund, Creative Kid Stuff and many more! This charitable organization is located in Seattle, Wash.

Our crew sweater found in the Americana line. Find it throughout the U.S. and online.

Our crew sweater found in the Americana line. Find it throughout the U.S. and online.


Green 3 is partnered with Disney’s Epcot park in Orlando, Fla., which hosts all countries from around the world that guests can “visit.” Green 3 proudly sells our Americana line with Disney, as well as some Canadian garments also! See our Americana line here.


Now known as Green It Up! Gift Shop, this retail store specializes in environmentally and socially conscious items, such as toys, apparel, books, games and more. This shop is located in La Grange, Ill. and is certified by the Illinois  Green Business Association.

Fair Indigo:

Fair Indigo is another catalog retailer that works with fair trade and organic clothing, along with USA made gifts and accessories. Their mantra is working with those who provide fair wages, clean work environments and have a mutual respect for Mother Earth. This fair trade company works in the heart of Wisconsin- Madison.

Book lovers unite with Green 3's large blanket.

Book lovers unite with Green 3’s large blanket.

Norton’s USA:

American-made products is what this company, located in Barrington, Ill., focuses on. Norton’s USA has a little bit of everything you are looking for, such as clothing, toys, books, kitchen and housewares, garden supplies and more, all made within our home nation!

Smithsonian Museum:

That’s right! You can even find Green 3 at the largest museum institution in the nation, comprised of 19 museums and galleries, and a National Zoological Park. Find us in gift shops in the D.C metro area and in New York City!

These companies are just a few that Green 3 proudly distributes to. Green 3 is devoted to spreading the love on USA made, 100% recycled and organic materials. If you’re interested in having Green 3 a part of your shop, look here and email us!

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