An Alley-Oop!

Wikepedia states that an alley-oop in “basketball is an offensive play in which one player throws the ball near the basket to a teammate who jumps, catches the ball in mid air and immediately scores a basket, usually with a slam dunk. The alley-oop combines elements of teamwork, pinpoint passing, and timing.”

We recently caught an alley-oop from another USA made apparel company.  A mere fifteen miles west of Green3, Ripon Athletic of Berlin, Wisconsin is “a custom manufacturer of jackets and uniforms for institutional team apparel.”  We’ve teamed up with them and Uncommon Goods to offer a unique piece of clothing.  Aptly named “the athletic skirt” you may just get the urge to play a quick game of b-ball while wearing it!

This new lot of skirts are sewn together using discontinued, excess and remnant athletic material from Ripon Athletic.   To be more specific, some of the fabrics might be excess softball pant material or discontinued fabric from the Baltimore Ravens or the Montreal Canadians previous uniforms.

The athletic skirt isn’t available yet, but once fall is here you’ll be able to purchase it through Uncommon Goods.  If you are interested in purchasing something today, with a similar design and story, you can buy this skirt now.  It’s a bridesmaid “dress” you’ll wear again and again and again…for real!

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