Why Green 3 uses acrylics and polyester

Green 3 is known for its array of fabrics, such as the use of organic cotton, recycled cotton, wool, silk, acrylics and more. Our mission as a successful small business is to be as responsible and ethical as possible while keeping our manufacturing in the USA. Within that process, we do use acrylic and polyester fabrics with our organic and recycled materials.

You may be wondering why, and today’s blog is just about that.

The acrylic is there to bind the fibers together for better strength, and can make the garments machine washable.

A lot of Green 3’s garments use 25% acrylic with the majority 75% pre-consumer recycled material. If the garments were 100% recycled, the materials wouldn’t be strong enough to hold together, and people would be unhappy with the finished products.

We are working to keep jobs within the United States.

The polyester that is used in our brand new Polar Fleeces are a way to keep jobs in Hurley, Wisconsin, where a small factory employs hundreds of people throughout the Northwoods. They are able to sew different garments together before they are sent back to Green 3 in Oshkosh. Plus, the ink used on the polyester is one of the most environmentally friendly processes Green 3 has used! It uses less ink, water, paper and energy

We are keeping our small business alive, along with other small businesses across the U.S., while being as eco-friendly as possible.

We love that our business sticks to USA made garments with a lot of mixtures of fabrics. We work on small projects from recycled materials around the office, as well as make big projects with bundles of recycled materials. Referring back to the top of the blog, if the garments were made from 100% recycled materials, the garments would be frail and would not last as well as we want them to. We want the best for our customers, as well as the environment.

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